you guys playing kb mouse or controller?

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User Info: Dave_is_my_name

4 years ago#31
Element_Pearl posted...
Hahaha. Cute. Controller users on PC. Next they'll ask what the point of multiple resolutions is.

HAha hah ha. Cute. Element Pearl is condescending. How amazingly innovative! You go Element Pearl. You rock everyone!

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User Info: Slash_out

4 years ago#32
On PC, a kb/mouse is almost always preferable to a controller. I mean like 95% of the time.
There are some game that have unbelieable bad camera controls for exemple with a kb/m, or (most of the games I use a controller for in pc) recognize my Azerty keyboard as a Qwerty and won't let me change key binding, even in .ini files.
This is not one of those games.
It feels, and play better on kb/m. Faster aiming and, more precise.

Blink is something you have to use fast and precisely at times, and you just can't do it as well with a controller. And I play a LOT LOT LOT on consoles. So I know my way around a joystick (in case you call me a controller noob :p).

User Info: HungryDog

4 years ago#33
Most definitely true FPS and RTS games for me MUST be played with a K/M set up, but hybrid games like this I'll try out a pad.

The way I'm playing I don't need precision, twitch aiming capabilities a pad cannot offer. I'm sneaking around, avoiding detection, only using the blade to extra analogue movement is a nice bonus in this case.

User Info: OPETHisLOVE

4 years ago#34
Dark Souls, Skyrim and the all important GTA IV (sleeping dogs honorable mention)
superanticrist wrote:
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User Info: F_Wolf

4 years ago#35
There's people that lean all the way to one side or another here with a complete lack of understanding or compassion to what others choose to do?

Stay classy gamefaqs!

Some games, like GTA, Dark Souls, etc, just can feel/play terrible with a mouse and keyboard, while things like FPS give you much more control.

It's a shock I know, but personal preferences aside, god forbid different games control better with different control options.

User Info: n1nj4zero

4 years ago#36
K/M with all first person games, always.
The only game I have used a controller on in recently memory was Bastion. Good god, the keyboard controls in that game were atrocious.

Got Dark Souls(Had Demon's Souls for PS3, so got the sequel there as well) for my PS3 when it came out, so I cannot comment on how the controls were for that. I have heard they were terrible, though.

I agree that playing games on PC with a controller is a bit counter-intuitive. But on a situational basis, I don't see the problem. I had surgery a few weeks ago, and was unable to sit in my PC chair. If I had more games to play on my PC then, I would probably have plugged a controller in. Just not for first person games.
Graphics aren't everything. Hooray for well-made games.

User Info: NuclearFlower

4 years ago#37
I can't stand First Person games with a controller/gamepad.


User Info: GlassDeviant

4 years ago#38
Have yet to find a game in which the console controller was a better experience than keyboard and mouse. Controllers are a compromise for gaming on a couch or a comfy chair instead of at a desk where you have a flat surface on which to put a keyboard and mouse.

That said, I have a Belkin Nostromo to reduce left hand movement, but it's not useful in this game at all.
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