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User Info: Laz0388

6 years ago#1
There are too many repetitive questions here and there hence I started this thread. It will be short and simple.

LEVELING: Pots and Pots, spam the skills. Try to get earrings with leech quickly because potting wont be affordable at level 40 or so. Sell enhancement scrolls if that is your first character. Node earrings (level 45), Bay Earrings (level 65), Renol Earrings (level 80), Sunshine Earrings (level 95) are essential. GEARS:
Black, Blue, Green, Purple (The last is rare item)
Only Purple is worth keeping and certain greens.

TOWNS: (how to get there?)

All portals / gateway to next city can be unlocked by following the MAIN quest. Basically the route to completing the game.

There's a waterway that links Perion, Ellinia and Florida Beach.
At Warm Sand 3 (Florida Beach), submerge into underwater fork way which leads to Ariant and Aqua Road.
After defeating Pianus in Aqua Road, farm 10 or 15? limestone (from those skeleton monsters) follow the main quest back to florida beach for Tae Gong. He will require those limestones, no point going back and forth. Tae Gong will provide you a scroll to Korean Folk Town.
At Black Mountain corner (korean), there's a path to ereve (also the portal to fight black witch / silver haired man).
At Ereve, Cygnus will open up a portal to Thailand which is just beside Zippangu. At the far end of Zipangu's Goblin Forest, you can reach Herb Town.
At Herb Town's 21 year old garden, there's a path to El Nath.
After defeating Zakum in El Nath, you need to travel back to Ereve's Dead End to reach Gorge of Life.


I am gonna skip Grendel and Oz/Mihile since both are easy. General rule is bring lots of pots. Just save the game before fighting bosses, repeat by closing your iphone app forcefully then relaunch maplestory; back to save point.

Pianus - Jump up the small platform in front of it. Spam skills and pots.

Black Witch / Silver haired man - There are two platforms that are highest, your best location to dish most damage. Careful of the curse that prevents you from jumping.

Master of Disguise - It heals when red snails appear on the screen. Clear as fast as possible and try to hit the correct one. Otherwise you wont have any problem.

Zakum - Jump up to the highest platform and aim for the head that heals it body. Destroy it and move onto the body.

Horntail - It has 3 heads, the middle head is the main boss. The ones on the left and right heal the center. Jump up the platform and damage secondary heads until it turns stone. Save the center head for last.


You can rekill all bosses, so far the sequence in order for me:

Zakum, Horntail, Pianus, then human bosses (Black witch, grendel, oz, master of disguise)
For Zakum, talk to Alcaster.
For Horntail, talk to the little girl on top right corner
For Pianus, talk to the little girl beside dolphin
For human bosses, talk to Kiku in Ereve. Note: bosses are spawned after midnight, you only have 1 day before it expires.

Or you can farm all the purple coloured level 115 items, I will not reveal the exact item's drop list but here's a tip.
Proceed to Destroyed Dragon Nest, the third platform which has Blue Turtle Dragons. The 2nd platform just right above is the secret training ground for Gorge of Life. Travel back and forth and you are covering Dark / Green Cornian, Blue / Red Wyverns, Blue Turtle Dragon.

If you are NOT spending real cash for Equip Drop, do not buy overpriced Maple Storm Sets or anything else lower. People who farmed using Equip Drop sells Maple Storm set to NPC due to over abundance. Dont bother with anything over 2 mil per piece for Storm set. Heck I bought purple Bay Earrings level 65 for 500k (Acc 19, 3MP/3HP)

Might add more in near future.

User Info: Vayne_Espion

6 years ago#2
Hmm.. It doesn't seem to work out..

1) How do u actually trigger the quest to rekill bosses?

2) If i were to kill for example, Zakum, does it mean that i'm not able to rekill other bosses for that day? Pianus , human bosses etc.

3) I juz killed Black Witch once agn, however when i proceed to other locations in order to try rekilling of other bosses, those people which are required to pop the quest out doesn't have a light bulb on their head. And i didn't noe how i actually got to rekill Black Witch.

4) Does it really have to be in sequence of killing bosses?

Thanks for ur clarifications!

User Info: Laz0388

6 years ago#3
The rekillable bosses expire on daily basis, no trigger needed. Today you get zakum, tomorrow horntail and the day after pianus etc etc so after midnight, you already miss out a certain boss. The sequence is repetitively same for my iPhone it seems.

User Info: Vayne_Espion

6 years ago#4
Ohh, so u can only rekill a boss per day? And u can't rekill all the bosses within the same day right? So we will have to wait everyday for a new boss to appear, which is random i suppose?

User Info: Laz0388

6 years ago#5
Yupe 1 boss per day. So far the sequence is always the same for me. Zakum horntail pianus etc etc

User Info: Vayne_Espion

6 years ago#6
Hmm, so if i fought Black Witch (Human Boss) today, tmr would be Zakum ? Like a cycle.

Anyways, thanks alot! :D

User Info: Laz0388

6 years ago#7

That's right, it's a cycle. Been the same for me it seems but I couldnt recall the human bosses in order. First day right after completing main quest, you get Zakum then Horntail then Pianus then master of disguise? etc etc

User Info: barisy89

6 years ago#8
Great job Laz.

I was wondering whether you could also add that little bit of droplist that you had made in the other topic. I think that'd also be of great use.

User Info: Vayne_Espion

6 years ago#9
Hmm Laz, actually I didn't noe i could rekill bosses, until earlier on. As i completed the game recently, i went str8 to hunting equipment. Upon reading ur thread which made me rekill Black Witch, however isn't Zakum. Guess i was pretty late for Zakum boss.

So, thanks alot for this thread!

User Info: Laz0388

6 years ago#10

Secret Area
Perion - the skull between ad board and mailbox
Ellinia - the signboard in between candy shop and weapon merchant
Florida Beach - Warm sand 3 left side highest platform (center)
Ariant 1 - small plateau left side of suspicious man
Ariant 2 - Top right corner in Giant's Den map
Aqua Road - Left of dolphin on an island
Korean folk home - black mountain corner, the small platform at right hand side
Ereve - Shinoo right hand side (around tail) the platform below
Thailand - Deep Jungle, directly below the rope at bottom right corner.
Mushroom shrine - mushroom statue right of storage chest
Zipanggu - Secret Forestm Far left on small platform, underneath the tree
Herb town - Dirty Swamp center above ad board (slightly right)
El nath - Entrance to Zakum's Altar (left side traffic light)
Gorge of Life - Destroyed Dragon's Nest center 2nd platform

Credits to randyap's video:

Scroll farming
Helmet - Secret Aqua Road (flowerfish) / Nest of the Dead
Armor - Secret Ereve / Destroyed Dragon Nest
Boots - Secret Gorge of Life
Shield - Secret El Nath 3 (Dark firebombs)
Earring - Secret Ellinia
Weapon - Sunny beach 1 / Secret Ariant at Giant's Den

(There are plenty of spots, you just gotta explore)

Adamantium Plate: Nest Golems, Wolf, Crow
Adamantium Ore: Dark Stone Golem

Emerald: Tortie
Emerald Ore: Ribbon Pig, Fire Boar, Desert Rabbit (Brown)

Amethyst: Poison Poopa, Tiru, Tiguru
Amethyst Ore: Moon Bunny

Aquamarine: Scorpion, Cactus, Cico
Aquamarine Ore: Sand Rat

Orihalcon: Boogie
Orihalcon Ore: Ginseng Jar, Miner Zombie,

Garnet: Coolie Zombie
Garnet Ore: Peach Monkey, Firebomb

Gold: Green Cornians
Gold Ore: Pirets, Red Wyverns, Cerebus

Topaz: Rocky Mask
Topaz Ore: Lupin, Krip, Pig

Sapphire - Jr.Cerebus
Sapphire ores - Mr. Alli

Mithril - Blue King Goblins
Mithril ore - Bone Fish

Diamond - Dark bombers
Diamond ore - Werewolves

Bronze Ore: Bubbling, Clang
Bronze: Wooden Mask

Silver Ore: Stray Dog
Silver: Serpent

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