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User Info: klaxender

6 years ago#1
This is always a fun way to see what other people are using to play through the game.

Character class (what you named your class):


Skill allocation:

Additional information:

I have two builds I go back and forth between when I die. The first and easiest is my heavy armor monk (I posted this in my other thread as well).

Character type: Undead Monk

Skills: Unarmed Combat, Shield-bearer, Master of Arms, Viking Wizardry, Burglary, Vampirism, Archaeology

Skill allocation: I put the first level into vampirism to regain health from corpses, then work on Archaeology until I can reuse krong altars. After that I start pumping unarmed combat to max.

Additional Information: It's a build in progress, I swap out burglary, viking wizardry, and vampirism often to try different tactics. Generally my approach is to buff with viking wizardry and go headfirst into combat. Once I start putting points into unarmed combat my damage soars and with the ability to use two shields without sacrificing damage I can take a beating before worrying about healing. The only thing that gives me serious trouble is harder bosses if there's not enough corpses around to use for health regen. I'm toying with the idea of dropping burglary for alchemy so I can make health potions, or pick up a different spell skill for a heal.

I need to find a better name for it as well. A heavy armored, dual shield vampire that happens to kick doesn't fit my vision of a monk lol.
PSN/Steam ID: klaxender

User Info: Oraclefox

6 years ago#2
That's a pretty damn awesome build to be honest. Vampirism is probably a bit too much for me atm. I played like 4 hours on normal, none permadeath with crossbow, throwing items, archaeology, alchemy, tinkering, unarmed, and the aiming skill (arrow on the head of a grey figure).

As you can imagine, I had no idea what I was doing, and just picked things that seemed cool. Crossbow, and throwing over lapped too much, I still don't really get archaeology, I didn't need alchemy (I was planning on making healing potions but that's harder than expected). I got a decent ways into the dungeon before I walked over a giant fire, then finding out it wasn't just a normal trap, it was a huge magic trap that killed me.

Now I've restarted on Hard with permadeath still off (I will probably do it after my first play through).

Here's my build

Character class: Crusher (the in game name, I'm not very creative)

Skills: Blunt, shield bearer, master-of-arms, smithing, berserker, assasination, artful dodger

Still not the best allocation now that I think about it because artful dodger is rather useless since I will be using heavy armor, it is much better than my first try though since I haven't really been reading up on the game. This is pretty much a typical warrior build for most rpgs. It's focused on strength, defense, and physical boosts.

Skill allocation: I only gained 2 levels on this guy so far. The first level went into the mace branch which was really helpful because it gives a passive skill that has knockback. The second went into smithing for a str boost, and I will probably do the next level in shields before I go to back to the blunt branch. Not sure If I would have made it very far in this run without assassination to my surprise, because the first skill is a passive attack that induces unconsciousness (sleep effect), and it came in pretty handy when I got myself in trouble. Now I'm either putting enemies to sleep with assassination, or knocking them a few tiles back with my mace or both.

Since you're using Archaeology, can you explain how it works? On my first character I got the appraisal skill but I can't seem to use it.

User Info: theshadowcult

6 years ago#3
Vampirism, Unarmed Combat and Golems go very well together, then just stack nimbleness skills and critical hit... you will never die in combat even on hard, and you can heal off of your own golems with vampirism. Only down side to unarmed kicking, is you can't do any special damages like fire and acid and stuff with out potion buffs.

User Info: klaxender

6 years ago#4
Oraclefox posted...

Since you're using Archaeology, can you explain how it works? On my first character I got the appraisal skill but I can't seem to use it.

Archaeology is mostly for the last skill: Ancient Kronian Ritual. It allows you to use the Kron altars twice, allows for some very powerful gear. It's also handy for the second skill: It Belongs In A Museum. Can change artifacts into exp.

Archaeology also increases your chance at disarming traps. I wasn't positive about this since I always take the skill, but I just made a character without the skill and I can't 100% disarm even the simple gargoyle arrow traps, gives me a 45% chance. This is with perception and burglary.
PSN/Steam ID: klaxender

User Info: Shivan999999999

6 years ago#5
Archaeology can also be nice with the other Skill, i forget the whole name "Translation"

If you find an artifact, nice and high and but with the wrong bonuses for you, you can have it randomly give it new ones. A great way to try to swap out an old low level piece of gear and get great bonuses.
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User Info: Nitharad

6 years ago#6
I know I'm still a pretty bad newbie to this game and my highest character so far was level 8 or so with massive grinding (but I had golemancy fully maxed out) and never made it past the very first floor.

Anyway my build now is :

Staves - because I'm a mage, d'uh
Artful Dodger - Yeah to be honest this is just a filler-pick but it helps to survive.
Fleshsmithing - at level 2 you get an awesome DoT and at level 3 a nice healing spell
Magic Training - to be an more effective mage
Blood Mage - the bonus Mana after a kill can really help a lot
Ley Walker - Just awesome to get better mana generation
Alchemy - Destilling fruits and alcohol into more potent alcohol helps A LOT with Mana problems at the beginning.

And it goes like :
level 2 - Fleshsmithing
level 3 - Fleshsmithing
level 4 - Ley Walker

And then I died because of an acid gargoyle trap ...

I can't wait for a guide that explains how useful certain skills really are and what you can do with them, and how to use them to their fullest.

User Info: maven1979

6 years ago#7
After getting owned a few times while learning the mage-type skills I went with a melee build this time. So far it is pretty overpowered.

Unarmed, Berserker Rage, Dodging, Deadshot, Vampirism, Fleshshaping, Assassination

Unarmed, berserk and vamp just go great together. Add in assassination and deadshot for accurate and frequent crits and you one shot most stuff and end up with full health. You could add in any 6th and 7th skill you want but I find the level one shield from Flesh combined with Dodging to really provide great survivability.

First I put a point in vamp for healing then maxed assassination and deadshot. Working on filling in the rest now. Level 8 so far with permadeath on normal. Having a great time with this build.

User Info: Nitharad

6 years ago#8
I tried a balanced build now, but in the end it was 90% melee and very powerful.

It was :

Swords - as soon as you get good weapons really powerful
Dual Wield - didn't skill it but wearing two swords was a big plus
Fleshsmithing - a lot let useful than I imagined this time
Mathemagic - more or less filler
Ley Walker - for mana, which I hardly needed
Alchemy - also for mana, but I didn't really need any
Archeology - after reading good stuff about it here I tried it and it's really awesome.

But I have to say about archeology that the skills aren't that great. You have no indication what counts as an artefact and you don't get THAT much XP. Re-charging these altars for equipment upgrade is quite nice but not necessary. And as I discovered these altars can cause negative updates for your stuff, and that sucks.

But it is really awesome when it comes to traps. I don't know how it works but it looks like you memorize each trap and only have to disarm it once and then you can just click them away.
Later I could even pick up some traps and use for myself.

I only died because I didn't pay enough attention ... great mistake.

I will now try a 100% melee build.

User Info: Ketou

6 years ago#9
Fungal Arts, all day, every day. A single skill for every situation and a trusty pet, all without using mana! I use it on warriors, rogues, and wizards!

User Info: Chaotic_Anarki

6 years ago#10
Dual Wielding
Berserker Rage
Fungal Arts

I was destroying everything, but I was playing on Going Rogue with Permadeath on, and my game crashed.
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