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User Info: magnum3672

5 years ago#1
Hey, lets get an item list started. When you add to the list make a number and write what the item looks like and what it does. If you can remember a name even better (I have trouble with names so meh). If you are editing someone else work make sure to somehow highlight the change.

1. Bat- Every once in a while you'll gain health on a kill
2. Coat Hanger- Increases Attack Speed
3.X-ray Specs- Lets you see secret rooms
4. Mushroom- makes you bigger and increases stats
5. Blood Droplet- Increases Damage
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User Info: Earthshaker

5 years ago#2
These are just a few of the things I saw

Mega Mushroom - all stats up (Range, damage, speed, Tears.)
Max's Head - Damage up (Tears change to a larger size.)
Technology - Tears become eye lasers.
Shoop da Woop - SPACEBAR item. Chargin' mah lasor, then firin' it.
Breakfast - Health Up
Lunch - Health Up
Dinner - Health Up
Dessert - Health Up
Dead Cat - Nine lives. (Revive on death a few rooms back, lives counter goes down.)
Mini Mushroom - Speed and Range up.
Anarchist's Cookbook - SPACEBAR item. Using it drops a bunch of active bombs in the room.
Deck of Cards - SPACEBAR item. Using it gives you a random tarot card.
Steam Sale - 50% off items in stores.
The Virus - Poison touch (damage enemies on contact.)
Coat Hanger - Range up.
Mom's Pad - SPACEBAR item. Using it makes enemies in your room run away.
Book of Shadows - SPACEBAR item. Using it puts a shield around you, blocking all (or mostly all) damage. Pushes back collision damage monsters, blocks bullets - only untested with "radioactive ground" i.e. Pestilence's, Peep's, or brains trails.
Cube of Meat - puts up a meat shield that orbits character slowly. Will damage enemies it contacts, and block bullets. VERY slow orbit, though. Gathering a second one gives it a Meat Boy face, which will occasionally fire a meat-ball when attacking.
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User Info: RichJaxin

5 years ago#3
you get a meat cube evrytime you defeat one of the 4 horse men, after 3 cubes you get little meat boy who runs aruond with you and runs into enemys damaging them, and hes invincible, the 4th cube gives you the full meat boy....

User Info: vessey632

5 years ago#4
What I've seen so far. Note that the pills were all taken with the PhD.

blue snake - "wiggle worm" - makes shots in wave pattern
milk carton - "breakfast" - hp up by one heart
x10 bomb - ten bombs
red high heel shoe - "mom's shoe" - range up
"xvi temperance" - drops a life pay station - 1/2 heart taken pays you a coin
map with x - "treasure map" - reveals hidden locations on map
glasses with swirls - "x-ray specs" - lets you see hidden walls
bat - "charm of the vampire" - gives you vampirism, heals on kills
"phd" - better pills
red star - "pentagram" - dmg up
dark blue pill - "bad gas" - no obvious effect (maybe damage to surrounding enemies?)
white top dark (navy) blue bottom pill - "range up" - increased range
brown spoon - "wooden spoon" - speed up
belt - "the belt" - speed up
pink panties - "mom's underwear" - range up
dark orange top light orange bottom pill - "range up" - increased range
panty liner - "mom's pad" - temporarily slows time for enemies
"xvii the chariot" - turns you into an invincible unicorn temporarily
eggshell colored top and bottom pill - bombs are key
green meat on a bone - "rotten meat" - hp up one heart
dogfood can - "dinner" - hp up one heart
"xii the hanged man" - floating head mode for one room, acts as flight
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User Info: riff429

5 years ago#5
Save yourselves the trouble:

User Info: Bullshifty12

5 years ago#6
Shovel- Use Space bar to go down one level in the dungeon.
The Belt- Move speed increased.
Battery- Sometimes recharges spacebar items when enemies are killed.
Coupon- 50% off at item shops
The Hanged Man (CARD)- removes your lower body allowing you to cross gaps
Rosary- Faith up (extra grey hearts)
Pentagram- Damage increases

User Info: Maumacto

5 years ago#7
On none of the lists have I seen anyone show what The Noose does

User Info: VeiledGenesis

5 years ago#8
Bible - Ability to fly
How heavy this axe

User Info: Zelloss

5 years ago#9
On none of the lists have I seen anyone show what The Noose does

Transcendence apparently gives you the permanent ability to fly, like the Lord of the Pit or Book of Revelations; except it's superior to both since it doesn't need to recharge and doesn't cost you hearts. But good luck actually finding it.

Oh, and the Bible has another use too, but I won't spoil it. You should be able to figure it out if you look at the hints in the Achievement list.
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User Info: Billymdma

5 years ago#10
cool guys. thanks. PSN: roguejt

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