What do white hearts do? >_>

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User Info: NeonOctopus

5 years ago#1
I got a half of one in some secret church room, but when I got hit, it just disappeared and nothing happened. What's so special about it?
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User Info: kallas48

5 years ago#2
They are called Eternal Hearts.

Adds half of one white heart, lost before normal hearts, but after soul hearts. When using Blood Donation machine, the white heart is lost first. Changes to a full normal heart container after the floor is completed, or if a second eternal heart is acquired before completing the floor. May spawn instead of a regular heart. (Using the Forget Me Now Treasure will automatically complete an eternal heart as if you finished a floor.)

--- Taken from the Binding of Issac: Wrath of the Lamb wikia.
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  3. What do white hearts do? >_>

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