Kinda confused about Point/Middle/Anchor...

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User Info: DartDragoon

5 years ago#1
What exactly makes a character a good Point, Mid and Anchor respectively ? I supposed Mid is for abusing assists and Anchor is someone who can destroy a whole team by himself with X-Factor or something ?
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User Info: BlackEnergy11

5 years ago#2
point needs no meter anchor needs no assists and middle has a pretty good assist. it gets more complex but thats how I decide
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User Info: NicoGrimm

5 years ago#3
A point is someone who relies on assists.
A middle is someone with a good assist, and doesn;t rely on assists as much as the point.
An anchor is someone who can cover every situation by him/herself without relying on anyone.
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User Info: DartDragoon

5 years ago#4
Alright so... Doom's an anchor right ? I need a good Point to go with ???/Haggar/Doom
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User Info: Locomotor

5 years ago#5
Many things.
Point is the one who isn't reliant on meter, or a character that needs assists, or a character that has unique strategies with assists.
Middle, is... middle, this character might use the meter you've built with your point, or it may just be a back up character.
Anchor is usually a meter heavy character that either has ridiculously powerful XF activation, or has a lot of options that allow him to fight on his own. Like say the character cn runaway, zone and rushdown at the same time.
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User Info: _Epid3mic_

5 years ago#6
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User Info: Zekira

5 years ago#7
Perhaps a more detailed explanation is appropriate...

The point character, as obvious, is a lead character. It's actually practical to have 2 of these on your team, as long as you have a dedicated Assist character to back both of them up. Alone, the point character lacks a lot of options, but with an assist, the point character becomes a very scary character to face. Example: in MvC2 Magneto wasn't perfect. In fact, he is considered the weakest of the 4 gods overall. But placing a Psylocke as a dedicated assist makes him probably the strongest force in the game as Psylocke complements Magneto's style completely.
An MvC3 example would be the obvious Wolverine-Akuma BFFs. I can't explain this too much in detail since I never used this team much yet, but this is a very obvious answer.
Examples of these types of characters are... well, a lot. It's actually better to ask 'who's not a middle or an anchor' and that's pretty much how you get a Point character.

What constitutes a middle character is mostly in the balance of said character. For one thing, many of the Middle characters are the 'balanced' characters in that they specialize in a lot of fields but don't necessarily excel in a certain field, unlike point characters who tend to sacrifice a few capabilities to master one perfect aspect. Middle characters may be moderate to good assist characters, but what makes a Middle is that when the middle character is out, he/she is flexible enough to adapt to a style of play quickly. He/she will have the most options in this particular time, as the middle character usually becomes the one that uses the meter from the point character, still has an assist backing him, but is return at heavy risk because you have to make sure that your anchor comes in well later. Or that you deal enough damage on the opponent so that your dedicated assist character (which is usually having trouble taking down point characters) can stand a chance against the team later.

Your last character, as is obvious. Usually assist characters get the merit of being the anchor, whether they're fit to or not, because of the point-point-assist mentality that carried over to MvC2, and it still works well in that regard, though this might need to be adjusted a bit.
An anchor is one that... actually, in my understanding, can easily abuse X-Factor level 3. Anchors are usually considered low to mid-tier and are risky to use as point characters, usually because many of the point characters out class them. But some of these anchors actually have their weaknesses covered with X-Factor alone, making them a serious threat. There are a lot of options for the anchor: the famous (but currently being doubted) punish-anchor, Akuma, is one of the latest anchor of choices. Ryu to an extent can work as well as Shinkuu Hadouken is a really great punish tool. Of course, there's nothing more (in)famous than a Phoenix anchor, as that is Phoenix's best position.
Oh my, I gave examples with a lack of explanation. Anchors usually get leftover with a LOT of meter and the level 3 X-Factor, in exchange for having no assists to back them up. This means that an anchor must be devastating using the extra tools that every character has but benefits them the most. Sentinel, Akuma, and Phoenix are just some examples.
Middle characters can act as Anchors as well.
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User Info: krazyshot1

5 years ago#8
Here is Karsticles' guide on team building it should tell you everything you need to know about those three positions.
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User Info: vanek_pi

5 years ago#9
Try to think of the characters in this order as well.

Who are you going to use to be a meter builder or a Battery

Who is going to be the assist to depend on Assist

Who is going to use all that meter you have built up Meter
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User Info: orphanjohn

5 years ago#10
DartDragoon29 posted...
Alright so... Doom's an anchor right ? I need a good Point to go with ???/Haggar/Doom

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