No Mega Man = No Buy

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User Info: AdachiTohru

6 years ago#1
Joke game.
Joke company.
R.I.P. Mega Man

User Info: omegamarth

6 years ago#2
Too bad man, everybody's been leaked already.
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User Info: AdachiTohru

6 years ago#3

From: omegamarth | #002
Too bad man, everybody's been leaked already.

I know.
It's not too bad for me though. It's too bad for Capcom because nobody is going to buy this ****y rehash without Mega Man.

User Info: zuzu304

6 years ago#4
ok. no one will miss you. You can't get everything you want in a game. No matter how many or how much you want it.
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User Info: zex_army

6 years ago#5
Nobody is buying? Pretty much everyone came at the sight of Frank, Wright, Vergil, and Nemesis. lol

User Info: SONIC_305

6 years ago#6
this game sold well even though it didnt even have megaman. capcom most likely doesnt care about the blue bomber anymore from what i see =[
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User Info: Hitagi

6 years ago#7
AdachiTohru posted...
It's too bad for Capcom because nobody is going to buy this ****y rehash without Mega Man.

lol qq more

User Info: COlimar788

6 years ago#8
Same here. The only way I could justify re-buying a game I already have would be if it was actually worth it to me, and that meant adding Phoenix Wright (who actually seems to be in, which is cool) and Mega Man Classic/EXE. Ohhh well, I ought to save the money for games this winter that are actually new anyway.
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User Info: WrenchNinja

6 years ago#9
Capcom ****ing sucks.
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User Info: MGSKojima

6 years ago#10
no use trying to revive something that is already dead.

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