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User Info: viperbrnf6

6 years ago#21
Excited for the most part and pissed because Rocket Racoon and Hawkeye are in. Wheres Jin and Psylocke? >:[
PSN: PJ627 Currently Playing: Marvel vs Capcom 3 Mortal Kombat 9 Blazblue Continuum Shift :)
Soul S FC: 0690 4012 3997 Black FC: 0303 9086 5470

User Info: blackheart98

6 years ago#22

No Mega man X (still possible unless not confirmed by capcom)

Strider, Virgil (MAYBE??) Phoenix Wright

Megaman Fanboys (any of them...)
"You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance."
I don't hate any game really...(AKA not a hater), doesn't change the fact that a game sucks...

User Info: liamx2000

6 years ago#23
where the hell are the women ?!?!?!

are they all busy doing "other projects".................

User Info: lizard81288

6 years ago#24
Miskay posted...

I hate people in general.
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  3. Your reaction to this game?

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