So Mega Man fans...

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User Info: SamuraiLloyd

6 years ago#11
I don't see Mega Man as dead. Mega Man still lives in his spin-off products like the graphic novels, his comic book series with Archie and the various toys. Hopefully these products will sell a ton, drum up more interest in the franchise and prompt Capcom to start working on more Mega Man games (and not cancel them).

Also i am indeed saddened and confused that Mega Man is not in this update but I'll manage. I am very excited for the newcomers that were added though. Plus i still have my main man Zero so at least one Mega Man character i enjoy is along for the ride.
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User Info: slicer4545

6 years ago#12
I've never been a big Megaman gamer (in fact, I flat out hate some Megaman games), but lacking one of Capcom's biggest franchises in a major crossover like this just seems wrong.
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User Info: legendaryhero90

6 years ago#13
im a little more than mad at the moment.

*plotting UMvC3's demise*
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User Info: Aiddon

6 years ago#14
I more angry at Inafune leaving Eguchi and the Legends team out to dry than at CAPCOM. That man was nothing more than a petulant, sulky, prima donna crybaby near the end of his tenure

User Info: Kholdstare89

6 years ago#15
I'm more than a little depressed, given Mega Man has been my favorite series since I started playing video games (Mega Man 5 was my first). I'm still buying the comics and probably some of the kits, so Mega Man isn't truly dead to me, but I can see that Capcom thinks he is. I cannot express with words what I wish would happen to Capcom now.
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