The roster is getting worst by every update

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User Info: ChosenOfMana945

6 years ago#1
This game lacks;

- The MAIN character for the Mega Man Franchise. Clearly said and done. Might as well take out Ryu and leave Chun-Li and Guile as the main characters for the SF side for Street Fighter X Tekken.

- M.Bison, an actual intelligent villain for the Capcom side other than Wesker that wants world domination. Instead, he got screwed over by an 80's boss in Goblin's and Ghouls which no one had ever mentioned or even considered as a rep for this game. And don't even start saying; "Akuma is the evil character from SF franchise". Any person that actually knows Street Fighter knows that Akuma is not evil; his intention is the same as Ryu but his ways are different.

- Another Spider-man rep; Venom or at least Doc. Ock. Instead of adding another Spider-man character, they bring back a Ryu version of Taskmaster. Way to pull the same card Capcom. Well played.

- Any new female characters. Psylocke? Elektra? Those people didn't cross your mind at all?

Instead we have;

- X-23; I don't care if her moveset is different. There's nothing unique about her, she's the same as Wolverine. Even her speeches are practically the same as Wolverine. " I am the SECOND best at what-" ***** please. Bring back Psylocke and go back to the dumpster with your other 22 failed clones.

- Nemesis; There was an article long time ago stating that Nemsis or Tyrant had been cut due to gruesomeness. I coudl stand corrected for this information, but if it's true; " Capcom, why is he here then? Contradict yourself more please and bring Mega Man."

- Hawkeye; Basically the same as Taskmaster. Indeed, Taskmaster does copy moves off specific character, but Hawkeye's moves expressed in the trailer released is way too similar to Taskmaster. It's basically Taskmaster without a sword and slightly different changes in his arrow attacks; the same how Akuma can shoot multiple fireballs while Ryu cannot. Basically, a Ryu version of Taskmaster. Creative Capcom.

Three Darkstalker characters; Morrigan is completely understandable. Felicia is kind of pushing it, and Hsien-ko is pretty far-fetched. People claim that Mega Man isn't it because the series is practically dead. Okay, Darkstalkers has been dead for more than 10 years; their latest release game being in 1997, yet they get three reps. Garbage

- Phoenix Wright; Really Capcom. Really? You can't think of a moveset for Mega Man but you can for this guy. How the hell you going to do that? That's some bull.

Rocket Raccoon - This is just unacceptable. Who is he and where the **** did he come from?
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User Info: blitz-boy11

6 years ago#3
thought you were talking about the new characters until you mentioned X-23 0_0
PSN: Hiroshima711

User Info: Twewy08

6 years ago#4
You better not be dissing Rocket Raccoon.
You know something's wrong with a kid when his Steam ID/GT is "xX420rEfErEnCeXx".

User Info: JPshake

6 years ago#5
Sadly the TC speaks the truth.
"If you're a Christian it affects everything in your life. So if you're a plumber, does that make you a Christian plumber?"-P.O.D
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User Info: TwilightOrochi

6 years ago#6
One who knows nothing can understand only nothing.

User Info: SamuraiLloyd

6 years ago#7
*shoots TC with Deal-With-It Arrow*
"I just beat Mag-Freaking-Neto! Where yo curly mustache at?!" - Deadpool
"I reject your reality and substitute my own" - Adam Savage

User Info: BlackDiamond81

6 years ago#8

Twewy08 posted...
You better not be dissing Rocket Raccoon.
You know something's wrong with a kid when his Steam ID/GT is "xX420rEfErEnCeXx".

F*** Rocket Raccoon!!! Now what!!!

User Info: empireoffire

6 years ago#9
size does not matter....weight does

User Info: Twewy08

6 years ago#10
Now what!!!
You know something's wrong with a kid when his Steam ID/GT is "xX420rEfErEnCeXx".
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  3. The roster is getting worst by every update

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