C/D Rocket Racoon will be the new Cable / Arthur.

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User Info: jesseCheech

6 years ago#1
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User Info: WRRYYYYers

6 years ago#2
As in no one will use him? Well in the case of Arthur at least...
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User Info: ekie

6 years ago#3
he's the new modok as in everyone will try to defend his being chosen yet no one will use him
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User Info: ultimatekd

6 years ago#4

I plan on at least trying him, unlike MODOK

User Info: DreKerr

6 years ago#5
No. He isn't even going to be like MODOK. More like Joe with the hate of MODOK.

User Info: _Final_Phoenix_

6 years ago#6
ITT: Artwork determines gameplay
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User Info: Mr_Massacre

6 years ago#7
All the cable goodness only half the hitbox.........
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User Info: MegatokyoEd

6 years ago#8
Why the hell are people comparing him to MODOK? Just because he's a raccoon doesn't mean he won't have a standard fighting game moveset. He's a gun user and could very well be this games Cable.
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User Info: Joshelplex

6 years ago#9
People need to learn to love the DOK
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  3. C/D Rocket Racoon will be the new Cable / Arthur.

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