PSA: Gambit, Venom, and Cyclops are NOT the only popular Marvel characters!

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User Info: XDestron

6 years ago#1
Pick up a comic book dated sometime after the year 1993, please!

And if you don't want to, stop complaining about characters you've never heard of, because you're ignorant!
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User Info: smoky820

6 years ago#2
sir i like the way you think, lets be friends
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User Info: troyicus

6 years ago#3
And let's add, if you want to play with Mega Man, Cyclops, Juggernaut, etc. then go play MvC2, Xmen vs Street fighter, etc.

It's a new game so let's have some newer characters.

User Info: The_Bounty

6 years ago#4
Yeah! I'm a real Marvel fan and I'm sure glad they didn't add popular characters into the game! They should add cool and unknown ones like Sunder!

User Info: Quantumpencil

6 years ago#5
How about this:

I don't care about comics, I don't have the time to read comics considering that I'm a full time student, need to keep up my piano skill, and would also like to have time for fighting games, and when I have time to read, I prefer to read material in which more emphasis is placed thematically upon variants of emotional depth or human struggles, and stylistically upon brilliant and vivid use of language.

Because the only Comic book Characters I care about are those I recognize from childhood, I'm perfectly entitled to my opinion, which is that I would've preferred the inclusion of other Marvel Characters. There is no need for any sort of undue condescending nonsense, nor any need to make value judgements against other people because they don't read comics, and yet still like Marvel Characters who are iconic to them for other reasons.
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User Info: rugahboi

6 years ago#6
& what about the people like me? people who are comic fans but still like all 3 of those characters over most of the roster. Don't get me wrong, I'm not crying about Gambit/Venom/Cyclops not getting in (I don't have that kind of fath in Marvel). I just find what you said to be.... well.... stupid. : /
WTF ya'll lookin at

User Info: OmegaPillow

6 years ago#7
ITT you cant be a marvel fan if you dont read comics
Pimpin is a fact

User Info: HeroCorruptor66

6 years ago#8
I'm honestly glad Marvel is willing not to just stick to a few popular franchises or go all lol90's for their character list.

Unlike Capcom's list. At least they show love to GnG though.

User Info: soniczero9

6 years ago#9
OMG Gambit throws cards and blows stuff up! Venom is like Spider-man but evil! Cyclops... honestly I have no idea why anyone in their right mind likes Cyclops.

Yeah I hate all 3 of those characters (except the die hard Spidey fan in me tolerates Venom as long as it doesn't use the terrible, underdeveloped, no reason to be angry at anyone, Ultimate Version). I'm glad none of them made it in. Besides why is everyone so against new characters again? - best song by the greatest band you've never heard.
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User Info: zuzu304

6 years ago#10
sounds like a lot of people want mvc 2.5.
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  3. PSA: Gambit, Venom, and Cyclops are NOT the only popular Marvel characters!

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