Am I the only person who is OKAY with the new characters?

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User Info: Demonfang777

6 years ago#1
It seems like there is a lot of hate towards some of the new comers...but I do have to know, am I the ONLY person who is Satisfied with the new comers? Rocket Raccoon was the only person I was shocked on (a little with Hawkeye but when I thought about Taskmaster it makes sense, plus the Avengers movie is coming out next year.) because he isn't your BIG name hero like Gambit or Cyclops (I'm not a huge fan of either of them but I wouldn't mind them in) but when i just look at the roster I am pleased too know that Marvel hasn't forgotten that their library of characters aren't just Cyclops, Gambit, Venom, Carnage,...etc. But literally over 200,000 different characters. (Not an accurate number just guessing) So I'm glad to see other characters instead of your MOST POPULAR. Capcoms side not so much, they actually listened to fan demand IMO...minus Megaman.

But I have to know am I the ONLY person who is excited about the entire new roster?

User Info: liamx2000

6 years ago#2
im fine with them but I would of liked at least one girl for each side

User Info: TwilightOrochi

6 years ago#3
I like em all except for Frank West. He sucks big time.
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User Info: pandasidekick

6 years ago#4
im disappointed there are no new females, especially on the marvel side which is already a huge sausage fest.

i love marvel, but man, it is clear they are using this game to promote lesser known characters that they want to push into the spotlight rather than giving many fans the characters we love

User Info: Firsnachie

6 years ago#5
Im exited!

I could go without nemisis and Im butthurt over megaman

but Virgil Firebrand WRIGHT and Strider make up for it.

User Info: redKheld

6 years ago#6
liamx2000 posted...
im fine with them but I would of liked at least one girl for each side

Basically what I'm thinking.
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User Info: The_Bounty

6 years ago#7
The reason why most people are upset is not the inclusion of obscure Marvel characters, but rather the exclusion of characters that people actually wanted. Let's take a look at the Marvel DLC poll:
1)Venom 2243 +233 (30.94%) <--- Ignored
2)Gambit 2010 +566 (27.72%) <--- Ignored
3)Carnage 1444 +64 (19.92%) <--- Ignored
4)Ghost Rider 1380 +150 (19.03%)
5)Ms. Marvel 1230 +5 (16.96%) <--- Ignored
6)Psylocke 1225 +158 (16.90%) <--- Ignored
7)Cyclops 1067 +11 (14.72%) <--- Ignored
8)Dr. Strange 1056 +18 (14.56%)
9)Nightcrawler 1038 +143 (14.32%) <--- Ignored
10)Squirrel Girl 895 +72 (12.34%) <--- Ignored
11)Blade 823 +125 (11.35%) <--- Ignored
12)Green Goblin 698 +41 (09.62%) <--- Ignored
13)Silver Surfer 657 +30 (09.06%) <--- Ignored
14)Rogue 627 +8 (08.65%) <--- Ignored
15)Dr. Octopus 619 +27 (08.54%) <--- Ignored
16)Juggernaut 592 +25 (08.17%) <--- Ignored
17)Emma Frost 567 +11 (07.82%) <--- Ignored
18)Iron Fist 556 +39 (07.67%)
19)Cable 517 +7 (07.13%) <--- Ignored
20)Punisher 510 +13 (07.03%) <--- Ignored
21)Daredevil 497 +0 (06.85%) <--- Ignored
21)Black Panther 497 +87 (06.85%) <--- Ignored
23)Moon Knight 410 +58 (05.65%) <--- Ignored
24)Thanatos 352 +111 (04.85%) <--- Ignored
25)Elektra 241 +0 (03.32%) <--- Ignored

It's extremely apparent that they didn't listen to fans at all.

User Info: blackheart98

6 years ago#8
On capcom side..

I pretty much got who I wanted (Vergil, Strider, Wright) except for X of course but 3 out of 4 is till pretty good

Marvel Side..

Not really a Marvel fan everyone I wanted was already in Vanilla MVC3
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User Info: Demonfang777

6 years ago#9
Yea I'll agree with the no new females on each side they really should have added someone like Armor or even Fransiska Von Karman from Phoenix Wright to balance it, or heck any female capcom character. But WRIGHT is the one I am the most excited over...and a little Frank West. Megaman I am disappointed but I do understand that there are SO many megamans that you can't please everyone.

User Info: oneupper

6 years ago#10
I'm in complete tranquil bliss
You've just been oneupped, have a nice life.
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