Gamefaqs UMVC3 DLC ROUND 1 (please read the rules before vote)

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User Info: jaganshi2

6 years ago#1
Ok guys, i just got the word and it is time to start OUR DLC POLLS.

This poll starts today and ends on August 30. We will have a total of 3 rounds, and each round will last for only 4 days.

I will send this DLC polls containing the top 10 (5 Capcom and 5 Marvel) to Nitsuma's twitter, Seth, and anywhere that will be useful.


Some rules are the same as our LAST DLC, but there are some NEW ones.

There are two rules/notices involving Megaman and Venom which i will be in the second post.


1. Anybody below Karma 15 - new user- is automatically IGNORED.
I know some of you have gamespot accounts, and some maybe honest but please understand that i'm trying to prevent cheating as best as i can. So for the gamespot users, hopefully your gfaqs accounts are above 15.

2. Vote for 3 capcom and 3 marvel ONLY: Not 4 marvel characters and 1 capcom character, or a post having one character named. It has to be an even 3-3. Doing this will have your entire post VOIDED.

3. You can only vote a character ONCE:
No CAPCOM: Dimitri, Dimitri, Dimitri. That will be considered a voided post

4. No posting of images, links, or videos as vote references
for example:

5. No flaming or criticizing of other posters votes: Please do not throw tantrums and comment against a posters votes. If some one does that, i ask all of you to ignore and flag the person so it doesn't derail our polls. Flame baiters will be completely voided.

6. Once you posted a vote that is it: No changing of votes, until the next round.

7. No editing, and No deleting of messages: Anybody who deletes or edits his messages is under the suspicion of breaking rule 6. This won't be like the last time, where a person would make a thread and ask for a revision due to an error in the post.

I'm sorry.. but once you've voted, that is it.

8. Try to put the origins or the full name of the Character: It would be helpful to state the series or the last name of the character. Please do not list the initials of a character.

9. Be specific on the character: NO VOTES SUCH AS "Any character/villain in [/insert series]. That is voided.

10. No campaigning for a certain character:
Example: vote for Megaman X because he is so cool, and better etc etc.

11. This thread is only for VOTING: If you have any concerns, crying, joyfulness, etc.. take it outside of this thread. And to all of you Please flag anybody posting any negative comments.
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User Info: jaganshi2

6 years ago#2

The Eddie Brock and Mac Gargon Venom : Is now allowed due to the demands of others. If you inserted Anti-venom due to the past rules, i'm allowing to insert a revision. Just copy paste your current votes with the time in the discussion thread, and indicate the change.

Flash-Venom or Anti-Venom is allowed.

Any Megaman is ok for voting, however, just as Deik said in SRK, please think about this. Judging from the past DLC's (where he had a striking large number of votes) there could a real reason why capcom doesn't want him in. He had the highest votes here in gfaqs, but it was disregarded.. and he could have double the amounts this time and still be ignored. So try to think about this. If you want to keep the fight of having Megaman (insert version) in this game, then you are free to do so.. but please take into consideration to maybe move on and give your vote to a character who has a chance to make it in.

Secondly, if you are going to vote for Megaman, please be specific on WHICH Megaman: Megaman Classic, Megaman Geo/SF, Megaman X, Volnut, etc. Posting "Megaman" only, with out stating which incarnation is a VOIDED vote because i really don''t know what Megaman you are voting for.

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User Info: jaganshi2

6 years ago#3

1. Saber (Fate Stay Night)
2. Megaman X
3. Captain Commando


1. Ms Marvel
2. Psylocke
3. Warmachine
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User Info: Karsticles

6 years ago#4
I read the rules, and they are stupid; feel free to disregard my vote:

1) Blackheart
2) Venom
3) Carnage

1) Nina (Breath of Fire)
2) Captain Commando
3) Rathalos
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User Info: MalkyeaImbak

6 years ago#5
Sure it don't matter but what the hell


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Ryu and Boyd for SSB4

User Info: NicoGrimm

6 years ago#6

Alex Wilder (Would likely be the best Runaways Rep if they give him all of their items)
Ms. Marvel


Nina (BoF)
Hunter (MH)
Rouge (Power Stone)
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User Info: ssj98_gotenks

6 years ago#7
3)Ms Marvel

1)Megaman X
3)Date Masamune
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User Info: Roronoa_Zoro117

6 years ago#8

Marvel: Gambit, Green Goblin, Ms. Marvel

Capcom: Gene, Jon Talbain, Mega Man X

User Info: horan23

6 years ago#9

1. Forte exe
2. Gene
3. Captain Commando


1. Ms. Marvel
2. Blackheart
3. Psylocke
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User Info: serpentaurus

6 years ago#10
1. Samanosuke
2. Regina
3. BB Hood

1. Gambit
2. Nightcrawler
3. Blackheart
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