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User Info: Dark_Phents

5 years ago#1
Not official, so you can give your opinions. Tier lists can change as time goes on, therefore this tier list is based on the present day. I don't put A+ and A- characters, just the general bracket.

It's not really early to give a tier list, MVC2's tier list came out around a week after it's release anyway (even though it changed months after).

(note: some characters have no mention because i have no idea where to place them).

10 per bracket

Tier S:
Phoenix, Dr. Doom, Wolverine, Strider Hiryu, Wesker
Magneto, Zero, Dante, Super Skrull, Dormammu

Tier A:
C Viper, Nova, Vergil, Ironfist, Dr. Strange,
Spiderman, Taskmaster, Felicia, Ammaterasu, Frank West,

Tier B:
Spencer, Hawkeye, Ghost rider, Storm, Akuma,
She-hulk, Ryu,Trish, Firebrand, X-23

Tier C:
Chris, Deadpool, Modok, Ironman, Sentinel,
Captain America, Rocket Raccoon, Nemesis, Hulk, Jill

Tier D
Morrigan, Thor, Chun li, Shuma Gorath, Hsien Ko, Haggar,
Arthur, Tron Bonne :(, Viewtiful Joe, Phoenix Wright

User Info: The_Blue_Stuff

5 years ago#2
lol@dante being S.... are you even playing the same game? He got scaled and toned terribly.
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User Info: fuzzylittlbunny

5 years ago#3
I think Vergil and Trish should go up one spot, and Skrull and Iron Fist down one.
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User Info: dotsdfe

5 years ago#4
LOL @ Phoenix Wright in D tier.

LOL @ Tron and Wesker not having their own tiers at the bottom and top respectively.

LOL @ Almost anyone being above Viper.

LOL @ Hawkeye in B tier, he's arguably S tier if not A.
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User Info: loffter

5 years ago#5
yeah, i mean, this game did an almost perfect job of balanceing the characters as far as I can see. The tier list is like

S Tier

A+ tier


A tier-

B tier-

everyone else.
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User Info: Zanmato555

5 years ago#6
Last night combofiend proved that hawkeye is S tier. :)

Lol at early tier lists. I'm not coming back into this topic.
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User Info: mrmuffinwaffle

5 years ago#7
Phoenix is B tier at best

User Info: iHeartMota

5 years ago#8
Uh Phoenix got needed hard and so did meter gain. She's not dominate as hawkeye or wesker.
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User Info: athle21

5 years ago#9
I don't understand how phoenix is still s tier exactly?
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User Info: loffter

5 years ago#10
because you guys are blinded by a giant nerf list that did nothing to affect the true problem with phoneix. Dark phoenix + X factor level 3 = nearly unblockable and death by chip.
XBL- LoffterT. Biggest fan of Mike "Pick Sentinel" Ross.

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