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Do Ranks Really Matter?

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User Info: SakiruHarumi

5 years ago#1

I beat a 9th ranger, and I'm a rookie. 

Does the ranking system online really depict how good a person is, or how often they win?

User Info: Loschen

5 years ago#2
They don't really matter to be honest.

User Info: reyray0709

5 years ago#3
not at all.
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User Info: MelficeBFT

5 years ago#4
Well, I bet someone, who is 1-5 lord/ranger/whatever will put up a fight at least.
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User Info: smasher61

5 years ago#5
9th isn't high at all. It's the ranking you get after Fighter.
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User Info: TheRushDawg

5 years ago#6
Anyone who is 4th lord or higher will put up a decent fight and know some damaging combos.

On the other hand, there are a ton of "Beginners" who just never play ranked (or reset their records). These guys can be pretty deceiving and will often body 5th and 6th lords.

User Info: shadoartist

5 years ago#7
Sometimes you have people who never play a ranked battle past fighter, so you will come across people who are only ranked that or down to rookie, who are very skilled and know how to touch of death and exploit their characters full potential. I think those people just like fighting lower ranked people unless they change their search functions to Any when it comes to Rank.

User Info: Lord_Shadow_19

5 years ago#8
There are a lot of exceptions among lower ranks, but typically a cosmic lord is better than a 9th lord.
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User Info: Taizuku

5 years ago#9
I'm a 9th lord. But only because I got tired of being a beginner. I've beaten high lords like 2nd and 3rd before. They're a good challenge for me. I don't care about rank.
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User Info: ssaiyajinzero

5 years ago#10
Ranks matter.
They determine who you fight when you set the parameters for skill to same.

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