I want a stick!

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User Info: Squished_Mario

5 years ago#1
I wanna get a stick for marvel, but that's about the only game i'll play with it.


I'm looking at that one. Anyone have that stick? Is it good for the price?
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User Info: Lord_Kagato

5 years ago#2
That stick keeps suckering people lol.
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User Info: SmokeRyu

5 years ago#3

Hmmm.  The shape looks a little awkward on that.

Alot of it is about preference.  Do you want a bigger heavier stick, or a smaller lighter stick?  Because I bet that one is pretty light.  My stick is fairly heavy which I like because it doesn't try to move in my lap.


Another thing is the parts.  People say those sticks wear out really easily and you have to get the parts replaced.  People say go for a stick with sanwa parts...but that is going to cost you.


I'm sure that is a decent entry level stick...but if you are already blowing some money, I would honestly go with a nicer one if you are serious about getting good.

I spent 120 on a hori real arcade pro v3 sa.  It has sanwa parts and is mostly made of metal.  Feels very sturdy and I love the way it plays.

You get what you pay for.  That is a cheap stick...but if you are very casual then you probably don't mind.  But like I said, if you are serious, I would get a nicer one.

Sorry I don't know anything about that specific model.  I'm still new to fighting games.  Hope this helped a bit though. 

User Info: PrinnyRaider

5 years ago#4
The thing about sticks is that you get what you pay for.

Cheap ones are usually terrible (have dead zones or break easy) while a quality stick will cost you a lot but can last you years.

There are tons of options, but typically a cheap stick like that one isn't recommended.

Some people here will tell you to just buy a semi-expensive stick and just mod it with better parts like sanwa buttons and stick etc. But I don't have a lot of knowledge on this subject so I'll let them post for this.

But what I recommend if you just want a quality stick ready to go, just shell out the money for a Madcatz TE or other quality stick. I myself love the eight arc sticks because for 20$ more than a TE you can get the stick to play on any console.

User Info: Squished_Mario

5 years ago#5
Lord_Kagato posted...
That stick keeps suckering people lol.

And this is why I ask the people of the ultimate marvel boards >_>;

okie dokie i'll not get that one then.
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