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User Info: Herr_Edgeworth

5 years ago#11
Top 3 Loyal

1) Zero: I've always loved the guy since MMX. Knowing I was gonna be able to play as him in MMX4-onwards was a really pleasant surprise. He was the first MvC3 character I picked alone with #3.

2) Phoenix Wright: What can I say? If you use Wright, that must mean you like that character a lot. Ace Attorney is my favorite VG series and Nick is easily one of the best characters ever.

3) Amaterasu: Her game is one of the best games I've had the pleasure to play, I loved all of her Brush Techniques in Okami and I was still struggling to look for mains in Vanilla.

Top 3 Play to Win (Still love the characters)

1) Dormammu: I've never read his comics or heard about him. However, while I was trying all of the characters to see who would be my 3rd Vanilla main, I loved everything about him. His playstyle, his voice, his fire, his quotes and attacks.

2) Frank West: Didn't play DR before UMvC3 but, ever since I watched his trailer, his playstyle looked really fun. I'm glad I wasn't wrong. This also led me to play DR, which is a really great game.

3) Deadpool: When creating this new team, I realized that I needed an OTG assist. And since I hate Wesker, Sentinel and Felicia with passion, I decided to give the Red Mercenary a try. And I don't know how it took so much time for me to main him. He's all kinds of awesome and fun.
I'm Scaler24. This is my cellphone alt. You may like it better.
PSN: Scaler24 UMvC3 Team: Zero/Wright/Ammy or

User Info: yuki_123

5 years ago#12
to win

User Info: MMX377

5 years ago#13
My Top 3 Loyal:

Wolverine - At first, when I read some comic book about Wolverine then played X-men:COTA and XvsSF, he was growing on me. Now he is now my favorite Marvel hero character.

Ryu - I played Street Fighter II and picked Ryu or Gulie, But when I decided to use Ryu for beating hard difficulitiy without losing, I became adapting him. Then I play XvsSF and another Capcom fighting games. Now I never drop him, no matter what, because he is Ryu and is seeking for some worthy opponent to test, like me.

Zero - He is my second favorite Megaman X character in Megaman X game because he got the Zero-style and awesome attitude! Well, X is my first favorite character since I played Megaman X1. Anyway, I learned of his moves, special moves, and others, so he is my side for now.

My Top 3 Play to Win (as of now):

Zero - He's on the point and you know what the best combo is? Zero-style pattern combo! With the help of assist types.

Wolverine - He's the best there is at what he does, and what he does best isn't very nice. That said, he fights like a rough animal with metal claws. No hesitate. Well, he does a dive kick often if I have to hope that he can catch the opponent off guard....

Ryu - At least he is the anchor and good character with combo and special moves. But with Lv3 X-Factor, there is 40/60 or 50/50 chance of winning. I think.
"Get up!! Show me your true power!" Ryu's victory in SF3

User Info: MK9_Prodigy

5 years ago#14
Zero: Was my favorite character in this game and couldn't use him until I got better.
Viewtiful Joe: Only character that can rival Zero in my favorite's list. He's also secret high tier, shhh don't tell anyone.
Phoenix Wright: Never even knew of this character before this game, but he's awesome. Ever since I seen his trailer before Ultimate came out I was like... I'm using him.

Play to Win:

Zero: Not only my favorite character, but TOD's anyone on the cast off of just about anything and I've mastered the lightning loop on the right side. Weak on the left.
Dante: Great assist, easy to get a hit with, all around awesome.
Taskmaster: Easy mode, does tons of damage on anchor with XF, and can chip people out easily. Also, combined with Dante's Jam session he can do unblockables.
Psn: JDM6413 Mains: Reptile,Scorpion,Kabal (MK9) Zero/Dante/Taskmaster (UMVC3)

User Info: pionear

5 years ago#15
Der seems to be a lot of Zero fanboys ITT...


5 years ago#16
Fun team


I want to win team

Cap America
PSN & Live: Loadedklip
Eli owns Brady!!

User Info: NoizyChild

5 years ago#17

1) Spencer - He was my first "insta-main" character the moment I saw his trailer. I really liked his play style. Plus, we both have dreads.

2) Frank West - I liked Frank in TvC, and I eagerly awaited his debut in the Marvel series. I was disappointed to find out he got cut from Vanilla, but once I saw his leaked artwork in Ultimate, I knew I was using him, no matter what.

3) Captain America - The first character I sat down and practiced with in Vanilla, and the first one I really got the hang of. Despite his shortcomings in Vanilla, I enjoyed using him. I felt rewarded with the buffs he got in Ultimate.


(Ironically, the characters I use to win are characters I also like)

1) Wesker - I liked his style in his Vanilla trailer, and though it was a bit awkward at first, I eventually leaned him in Vanilla, and enjoyed playing as him.

2) Taskmaster - My second "insta-main" character in Vanilla. He seemed straightforward, with a "not too easy, not too difficult" learning curve, and after training with him, i knew he'd find a spot on one of my teams.

3) Hawkeye - I like his personality in the comics, and once I learned how he worked in Ultimate, I gradually started to like using him more as a character.
In America businesses don't need profits to survive. - llaW_Enots
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User Info: Competetitor

5 years ago#18
loyal: Dorm, IM

herman edwards team: nova, dorm, mags
PSN: AcesReturn - Nova/Dormammu/Magneto

User Info: rossguy123

5 years ago#19




(I can't use Sentinel for crap though.)

Play to win:::::




(I use these 3 together when Sh!t gets real.)
(1.) Shuma, Tron, Skrull/// (2.) Raccoon,Shuma, Strider /// (3.) Shuma Gorath, Firebrand, Hsien Ko

User Info: itzshowtime8

5 years ago#20
Loyal to


play to win

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