would u have preferred leon over Nemesis ?

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  3. would u have preferred leon over Nemesis ?

User Info: lol_what

5 years ago#11
Leon would just be chris with a bunch of spin kicks and suplexes and taunts.

So really deadpool without the swords, I guess.

User Info: RobIsntDrunk

5 years ago#12
If he had his moveset, sure why not.
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User Info: stevenbob

5 years ago#13
chris with some minor differences in guns? nah nemisis is better
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User Info: Jinkininki

5 years ago#14
Hell no.

I wouldn't switch the coolest zombie in video game history for yet another gunslinger dude.

I would very much have preferred Leon to Chris, though.

User Info: bobaban

5 years ago#15
Nemesis was a better fit for this game. Would have been cooler if his one super punched through anything while still taking damage,

User Info: Venator_Lupus

5 years ago#16
I'd prefer Barry or Hunk.

Barry's lvl 3 would just be 6 shots of his magnum at angles. I HAVE THIS!! 80k 80k 80k 80k 80k 80k KO. I hope this isn't Chris's blood.
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  3. would u have preferred leon over Nemesis ?

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