How exactly do I end Dante's block/whiffstrings?

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  3. How exactly do I end Dante's block/whiffstrings?

User Info: Zekira

5 years ago#11
Is it really positive on block?
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User Info: KnyghtFall

5 years ago#12
s H on whiff or block can be canceled into Scat Shot, Weasel Shot (no throws for you) Reverb Shock xx Fireworks Weasel Shot will catch them mashing an attack and if your position is right you can Stinger into combo. Assists help to of course.

Scat Shot will probably get you murdered if they are able to duck it. Sentinel, MODOK, Hulk and I think Nemmy have to eat it. The rest though....

Stinger or sH into teleport isn't 100% safe on block.

Cold Shower? Cold Shower xx Stinger BC Reverb Fireworks or Stinger + Assist BC Hammer

Whiffing Cold Shower is baaad though. haha

Million Stab is special cancelable AFAIK.

Where are they throwing you? Between sH Reverb Shock? If so alter your timing to catch them if they an assist to cover you, or cancel faster so there is no gap.
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5 years ago#13
Weasel shot
BC Reverb > Fireworks
Teleport + Assist

User Info: RoccoRed

5 years ago#14
Wish i knew...

Anyway, Zekira here is a vid for a very deadly Ammy/Dante Combo

It may not work in Ultimate but I hope it can help! :3
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User Info: Darksteel

5 years ago#15
Zekira posted...
prindo posted...
Zekira posted...
I actually couldn't figure out which of these specials are even positive on block anymore; Reverb Shock>Fireworks is getting punished for some god damn reason D:

Fireworks should be +2 on block.

What are you getting punished by exactly?

A cornered opponent throwing me. Lol.

Tech it then. You are positive on block.
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User Info: FabuIous

5 years ago#16
either bc reverb shock or bold cancel.
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User Info: 1Scream1

5 years ago#17
Other than Stinger, his normals don't have that much recovery frames. The startup is the bigger weakness. But yeah there's plenty of suggestions here.
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