Strange or Joe?

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User Info: Chat Noir

Chat Noir
5 years ago#11
MedicalGamer posted...
If you somehow get the Slow on opponents, try for a hard tag combo.

Wow. I've been using Joe for a while now but I've never worked on this. Thanks for the tips.

User Info: darkkingdomkey

5 years ago#12
Alright i think i will go with joe. Thanks a lot guys

User Info: DoctorTitor

5 years ago#13
darkkingdomkey posted...
Alright i think i will go with joe. Thanks a lot guys

Well done TC

Don't listen to Serp, he's a troll who cons new players into picking bad characters, while he actually plays Zero/Dante/Vergil
There's only one Titor.
-Chat Noir

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