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Who do you think has the best voice actor?

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  3. Who do you think has the best voice actor?

User Info: MegamanRockX2

5 years ago#1
Dormammu for me.

Super Skrull comes close second.
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User Info: RoccoRed

5 years ago#2
Ghost Rider *SweetJebus*

I am also curious where Cacpom got all the voice clips for Ammy >_>
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User Info: WiNdDeMoN150

5 years ago#3
Wesker, it's just salt inducing hearing him talk lol.
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User Info: Patrick7286

5 years ago#4

User Info: GameNerd1994

5 years ago#5
Uhh... *points to my sig* Take a wild guess as to who I'd say given that information.
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User Info: RobIsntDrunk

5 years ago#6
People complain about lag when the connection is flawless.

User Info: SONIC_305

5 years ago#7
Doctor Strange
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User Info: boy_luck

5 years ago#8
Shulkie by a long shot.. Her voice fits her perfectly.
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User Info: supersmashbrosf

5 years ago#9

User Info: xion1

5 years ago#10
Phoenix wright and Felicia.

And Doom cause everything he says is funny.
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  3. Who do you think has the best voice actor?

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