Failure is beneath Doom!

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User Info: shaolinotter

5 years ago#31
serpentaurus posted...
SaggyMaggie posted...
I now have 13,000 uses with him online (Thats just ultimate).

my Doom being 1 of the best here.

*drinks coffee*

I wish this board had smileys my SRK posts have 2 or 3 coffee drinkers on average. I play doom on my secondary team, and I play a projectile spam doom. Anything is better than foot dive spam, imo, not to mention that doom's projectiles are not even good on point. I've played alot of doom in Mvc2 when finger lasers and molecular shield did chip damage.

I just try to give my opponent incentive to do a bad teleport or airdash (not that they need it online) so I can counter attack.
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User Info: SaggyMaggie

5 years ago#32
^Sounds lame

User Info: Nomorice4U

5 years ago#33
FireflyV_ONE posted...
It's a decent enough strategy. You get annoyed by the photon shots so you come in close, only to get hit by a surprise crossup Footdive, or an overhead M, or get grabbed unexpectedly, and lose the game.

Certainly better than a fullscreen Footdive, hoping to get a random hit confirm. Doom doesn't have that many options on point without an assist.

Best Doom description yet, short and to the point! The manic tri-dashing variant is a better option, but that's just not doable online and isn't very safe against an opponent with a point + assist(s).
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