I need to learn how to play Dante

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User Info: SGleader1

5 years ago#1
Seriously, he's the weakest link in my team. My Vergil is really solid. I've OCV'd teams with him and he's pulling mad weight as an anchor and even a secondary character. My Zero is pretty damn terrifying on point unless I get randomed out. I usually lose him when my inputs get crossed up and I put out the wrong command. But other than that, everyone I've played calls him 'The dreaded one' and they practically celebrate when they manage to off him.

But Dante? All I do is run the clock with him. I have absolutely no idea how to approach with him or play him as a character. I mean...I know I'm supposed to use all of his tools, but how? Like, i want to use weasel shot, crystal, hysterics, air play, hammer, reverb shock, and all the things I know he has under his belt, but everything I try just seems too predictable. I dont j.S spam and do air trick all the time because that's just throw bait.

Is there any way I can just get started on the fundamentals of the character? That would really help out alot.
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User Info: koga_wolf_demon

5 years ago#2
That's the main reason why I don't play ZMC much: My Dante is ass. I like to play a more defensive one honestly but that doesn't get me far.

Use Reverb Shock in your block strings and abuse Air Play. One thing I like to do is throw out Acid Rain when they're about midscreen away, but don't use that too much, that's just asking to get beam super'd.
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User Info: SaggyMaggie

5 years ago#3
People aren't scared of your Zero/Vergil exclusively. Its just that they are arguably the two best characters in the game.

User Info: king0091

5 years ago#4
Crystal - Front strong durability projectile

Million Carats - good all around barrier and anti air

Reverb shock ~ Fireworks - safe blockstring and fast forward momentum

Stinger - Happy Birthday, nullifies projectiles and travels long distances with relatively fast
startup. Bold cancel into reverb shock to capatilize on happy birthday

Jam Session - superjump anti air

Hysteric - Homing keepaway, best to use against people with no projectiles. wrecks them

Air Play - good projectile, use to approach, Can charge to stall in air to avoid moves.

Tempest - anti air

Air Trick - to close distances fast

DT - recovers health and damage boost, Can also cancel unsafe specials

Thunderbolt - alot of damage, Good durability

Vortex - Fully invincible and leads to full combos

Hammer - double overhead from jS with frame adv on block

jS - Great hitbox and is special cancellable

tips: don't be scared to do air tricks or jS, just dont do them together usually. jS has a great hitbox and is always safe assuming you cancel it into Airplay (if they block it high up) or hammer(if they block it on the ground). After air trick it is sometimes good air dash H after it for a double crossup. Use a combination of Air play and hysteric for keepaway with the occasional stinger > Reverb shock~ fireworks to fish for a hit or create more space. Against Zero or others that stay around at superjump height Jam session can really disrupt their game. Also Crystal creates a horizontal barrier in front of you protecting you from alot of frontal assaults.

Also dont be timid about using DT, it gives you access to a get out of jail free card after a unsafe special and gives you access to 2 of the best specials in the game. If you have 5 bars you might as well use it.
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User Info: SGleader1

5 years ago#5
>_> No, I run a pretty decent Zero. He's still kind of herky jerky but the only reason I'd ever be afraid of a character is if they were played properly. Once I'm in control of the match and I've got my pressure going, it's pretty much game over.

And what about weasel shot? Yipes said that it's very underused by most Dante players. But thanks for the advice. I mostly have trouble against Doom because I really don't know how to make things happen against him. Its just like...yeah I'll just sit back and use air play, hoping for a really badly timed foot dive so I can punish.

I'll try to utilize his tools more effectively. To be honest he seems like an aggressive zoning character in my opinion. What are some of the basics I can learn with him to build off of?
Done with Marvel for a VERY long time.

User Info: awesomeuno

5 years ago#6
Where is that Yipes dante tutorial I was promised?
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User Info: The_Esque-uish

5 years ago#7
Well I may as well ask my questions about Dante

I find myself inputing super jump box dashes to H and if they block it I do air play to s or s to hammer. If that's all blocked I do a simple block strong of Cr L,M,H,stinger, bold cancel to either volcano, reverb or teleport.

Am I doing it right?

Also if they advance guard me far enough when I bold cancel I either do the crystal or million carrots.

I'm just curious if that's a good way of using him on rush down. If they run away a lot I just start spamming air play and jam sessions . Basically tryin.g to zone them till I have a chance to either teleport mix up or trying to rush em down again


5 years ago#8
Yeah Weasel Shot is awesome. + frames, can combo after and call assists during

It's relatively autopilot to use honestly. I'll do something like blockstring into Weasel + Drones call. Tele into AD j.M. You can confirm Weasel hit into Singer BC Reverb or dash c.L

It's a little harder to use in your setup because you don't have a horizontal projectile to do Tele crossups. Rapid Slash works OK as a makeshift but it isn't that great (one of the reasons why I play Zero/Dante/Sent over ZMC). You could still fool around with it in training though

With your team setup I'd focus on a more defensive playstyle. Chuck out stuff like Drives, Hysteric and Air Plays whilst calling Rapid Slash for pushback. Avoid naked Teleport rushdown unless there is a clear opening. Use Acid Rains for screen control but only when there is distance between you and your opponent

If you have meter to burn, activate DT to boost your movement and keepout options by a ton. Really you shouldn't be having much problems vs Doom. Air Plays beat Photons. Pre-emptive Crystal beats Plasma Beam, he has no easy way around AA s.M and Dante can move on the ground so much better

Piling on pressure with just Vergil assist isn't easy but does work OK in the corner. If you do get them to block use either rapid fire c.L which you can stagger to beat upback, IAD j.M/j.H into blockstring. Call Vergil early during a blockstring then Tele at the end for crossup + assist

Regarding movement, wavedash on the ground, if you are going to Teleport then buffer it during a normal like s.M to mask the crouching animation, followup Air Plays with AD j.M/H since they give him safe approach and will combo on hit. Make use of your added tools in DT. Double air dash is great after grapple resets for crossup fakes, triple jump is great, especially since it still leaves your assists available. Vortex is godly, if you find yourself struggling to bypass zoning use it, but use it in general when you can, the invincibility will always come in handy. Also j.M is faster and has a better hitbox than j.H, preferrably advance with that when IADing but j.H is still good particulay for the air throw OS
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