What's your favorite source series from Capcom?

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User Info: wariude

4 years ago#31
Ace Attorney, followed closely by RE.
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User Info: JMBoote

4 years ago#32
Ace Attorney, by a mile.
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User Info: EchoPhoenix

4 years ago#33
MegaMan Battle Network, MegaMan Zero, and Ace Attorney. Voted for Ace Attorney since the Battle Network and Zero series aren't quite represented in this game.

User Info: DuuuDe14

4 years ago#34
Devil May Cry.
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User Info: Strider Hien

Strider Hien
4 years ago#35
Street Fighter,of course.Being an Arcade rat,this was my favorites series aside from the shooters(Aero Fighters 2 and such) and beat em'ups(C.America and the Avengers,The Simpsons,TMNT...you know,the classics)

But,Strider has a special place in my heart.
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User Info: Omegacrisis

4 years ago#36
DMC1 is my all time favorite game!, so that but Street Fighter and anything clover studios is a close second
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User Info: littlelynn84

4 years ago#37
Mega Man, all the way. Breath of Fire would be a really close second.

User Info: Coffee_Godot

4 years ago#38
Ace Attorney in 1st, Mega Man in 2nd.

I love Viewtiful Joe, Dead Rising, and Okami too.
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User Info: incornetium

4 years ago#39
MegaMan still kicking strong. I also considered Okami one of the greatest games of all time but it is just one installment should we be calling it a series?

User Info: Unknown Force

Unknown Force
4 years ago#40
Ace Attorney
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