What's your favorite source series from Capcom?

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  3. What's your favorite source series from Capcom?

User Info: sbn4

5 years ago#41
Resident Evil no doubt.

Its the only series where I can think of where I enjoy not only the new games, but can have fun with the old ones.
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User Info: MegamanRockX2

5 years ago#42
Main favorites are Mega Man and Street Fighter.
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User Info: MedicalGamer

5 years ago#43
incornetium posted...
MegaMan still kicking strong. I also considered Okami one of the greatest games of all time but it is just one installment should we be calling it a series?

Okami has a sequel on the DS.

Anyway I like Ace Attorney. Dead Rising is cool too. Okami it's such a beautiful game that all Wii owners must have.
Devil May Cry is fun too
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User Info: UnderratedGamer

5 years ago#44
Why is BoF absent TC? I'll just choose Megaman then.
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User Info: Fat_Dog_Mendoza

5 years ago#45
Ace Attorney, with Resident Evil as the runner-up.

User Info: Herr_Edgeworth

5 years ago#46
Why is BoF absent TC? I'll just choose Megaman then.

Again, what I meant by "source series" is that they're series were the MvC3 characters come from. Sadly, there's not a single BoF character in Marvel, so I didn't include it.
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User Info: Sand_Coffin

5 years ago#47
It used to be Devil May Cry. I don't care how good the new one is, I have no interest in it. I liked DMC the way it was.

User Info: KeyBlade999

5 years ago#48
MegaMan. Mostly because of the X series and Legends.
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User Info: smasher61

5 years ago#49
AA and Megaman
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User Info: Ivan_Croft

5 years ago#50
Ace Attorney, easily.
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