What's your favorite source series from Capcom?

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User Info: incornetium

5 years ago#61
MedicalGamer posted...
incornetium posted...
MegaMan still kicking strong. I also considered Okami one of the greatest games of all time but it is just one installment should we be calling it a series?

Okami has a sequel on the DS.

Anyway I like Ace Attorney. Dead Rising is cool too. Okami it's such a beautiful game that all Wii owners must have.
Devil May Cry is fun too

Yeah I guess you are right. I knew there was a DS installment but it seemed different from the other "series" in the vote that possessed consistent characters over multiple games. I suppose I looked into it too much and it was inappropriate for me to imply Okami wasn't a series

User Info: J-Don-Bonne

5 years ago#62
Herr_Edgeworth posted...
Poor Joe :(

I wonder how many of these people who liked ace attorney actually play wright ;-;

Count me in.

Me too.
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User Info: EndingTempest

5 years ago#63
Def. Darkstalkers. When I first played SF II my first thought was this could be so much more. The characters, the moves, I just thought it was sorta bland. Then several years later DS came out and I was like yes.
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User Info: ign0to

5 years ago#64
Rockman, closely followed by Okami and Street Fighter.

User Info: The_Boss85

5 years ago#65
Went with RE since I'm not a fan of MM.
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