What is the glaring weakness of your team?

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User Info: SONIC_305

5 years ago#41
My execution, or bad habits I need to fix.
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User Info: Lord_Kagato

5 years ago#42
My team has 2 glaring flaws.

1) I'm a low tier hero (Wesker being the exception)
2) Without Wright, I'm in serious trouble against aerial characters.
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User Info: K-dizzle

5 years ago#43

It has no weaknesses.

User Info: Romulus-Prime

5 years ago#44

Zero. Nuff said.

User Info: hyper_shadow_51

5 years ago#45
The fact that 99% of the time I play this game I am stoned off my @$$ cuz of Mary Jane

And my lack of respect for all the people who act like Marvel made them men or warriors lmao

Seriously though my biggest weakness is getting hit by Strider's Vajira assist... I've adapted to teleporters, spammers, Weskers, and other crazy bs but that one assist I am still adapting to. Trish and Doom don't like it at all. I'm getting it though, just gotta play more people that are good with Strider, and play a little smarter. . Dive kicks work well for dodging it., and sometimes I really punish Strider on the assist with hyper combos but still. It's one minor weakness I felt compelled to admit.

User Info: SGleader1

5 years ago#46
I lose out to solid keep away.
Done with Marvel for a VERY long time.

User Info: Kromagnum

5 years ago#47
My favorite character to play is Tron Bonne.

Also my team is free to good keepaway. Tron/Hulk/Sent
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User Info: DuuuDe14

5 years ago#48
K-dizzle posted...

It has no weaknesses.

Tell that to the 4 guys i bodied using that team with Thor.
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User Info: KajinNinja

5 years ago#49
My lame team is too lame... primarily because I love to only play lame.
My Phoenix team... well uses Phoenix.
Perfection hinders progress...
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User Info: Herr_Edgeworth

5 years ago#50

- No OTG assists to help Wright.
- Neither Ammy nor Zero provide good protection for Nick.
- Low health on the Zero/Ammy side.
- Ammy can't help Zero extend his combos.

And I'm sure there are much more flaws.

As for Dormammu/Frank/Deadpool:

- Not great options at the start of the match.
- Can only Level Up Frank with a TAC.
- Subpar anchor.
- Shopping Car is good, but a beam assist would help Dorm much more.
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  3. What is the glaring weakness of your team?

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