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User Info: Decapre

4 years ago#1
this is the best of the Vs. series?
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User Info: koga_wolf_demon

4 years ago#2
TvC = UMvC3 > MvC1 > MvC2 > All others
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User Info: NoizyChild

4 years ago#3
I would say so, yes.
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User Info: KajinNinja

4 years ago#4
The best? Sure i'll give it that, my favorite? Nah MvC2 has my heart.
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User Info: DreamSword

4 years ago#5
koga_wolf_demon posted...
TvC = UMvC3 > MvC1 > MvC2 > All others
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User Info: 1Scream1

4 years ago#6
Nothing will top MvC2
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User Info: badjab326

4 years ago#7

Not saying much since I really like every game... except MvC2.
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User Info: DoctorTitor

4 years ago#8
koga_wolf_demon posted...
TvC = UMvC3 > MvC1 > MvC2 > All others

Pretty much this
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User Info: lol_what

4 years ago#9
marvel 2 > marvel 3 >>>>> tvc >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> everything else

User Info: ProzacStylings

4 years ago#10

X-men vs Street Fighter was gdlk. Before most Marvel 3 players' time.

MvC 1 and MvsSF were pretty doo doo, in terms of balance. Balance is most important to me, so I'd probably go XvsSF > Ultimate > MvC2 > Vanilla > Other bunk
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