The damage output of your team

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User Info: serpentaurus

5 years ago#1
Im just curious about the D.O. of the teams here at gfaqs. No XF or TAC of course and with legit viable confirms.

i know Smasher and Cloud have TOD damage on Thor. Who else have THOSE tod combos?

I will start

starting with half a bar and a mighty hurricane H, my Thor/Strange/Ammy team has a 1230k damage output using raggador DHC whiff. Starting with a cr.L or a mighty strike and 0.7-1 bar its about 1150k-1200k.
with a j.L, cr.L + coldstar its about 1000k

Thor/Dormammu/Doom starting with 0 meter has +1250k starting from a cr.L or mighty hurricane H or j.L

Nemesis/Wesker/Arthur has 900-950k damage starting from a cr.L or a tentacle slam command grab

etc etc. your turn
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User Info: LOZLTTP

5 years ago#2

you gonna die
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User Info: MK9_Prodigy

5 years ago#3
Idk how much I do but I kill everything with Zero obviously.

Taskmaster does like 800k without a DHC and death with a DHC into Vergil

Vergil is Vergil and he kills with XF3 DT easily.
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User Info: DuuuDe14

5 years ago#4

My Thor isn't as combo oriented as yours Serp as i am more reset oriented but if i land the reset its a TOD.

Dante lol cant kill off one touch with a reset or xfactor. Or by linking a level 3 into a combo

Hawkeye isnt meant for damage.
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User Info: 1Scream1

5 years ago#5
My Dante/Spencer/Sent doesn't have a ToD on Thor without TACs or resets. The damage can hit from 900k-1m with 2 bars, building 1.

Wesker/Spencer/Doom did have some ToD's. Mainly when Spencer was on point. Corner combo with 5-ish up grapples = death.
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User Info: Poltergust

5 years ago#6

For Wright, it's easy to ToD Thor solo in Turnabout Mode. It's also possible in Trial Mode, but it requires 5 bars and it's not practical at all.

My Hulk can ToD given that he can use both Wright's and Doom's assists and has 3 bars by the end of the combo. This also goes for his command throw. Unfortunately, for his regular combos this only applies to when I'm at or near the corner, or else I won't be able to relaunch or combo into Gamma Crush. I need to work more on his mid-screen stuff...

Same thing with Doom, but instead of using assists, it's a THC instead. A THC with Doom on point with Hulk and Wright behind him would do about 130k more damage than his level 3 and still allows him to combo afterwards in case Thor didn't die from it.
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User Info: Zekira

5 years ago#7
Felicia/Ammy/Hiryu has the lowest ass damage output ever. Off of a j.S at the corner and/or on a above-average sized character, Felicia can start out and do around 720k+ building 1.5 and using 1 for Dancing Flash. DHC to Okami Shuffle... and it doesn't even break 800k lol. I swear Okami Shuffle is one of the worst DHC options ever that I should really use it for the 2 bar THC instead.

Ammy/Dante/Felicia was my attempt at solving the damage problem a bit; Ammy can do an average of 680 to 720k damage on her own, DHCing into Dante to deal 850k, then break a million by DHCing into Felicia.
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User Info: MavisBeaconDTF

5 years ago#8
Wolverine/Wesker/Akuma usually does over 900k with a simple BNB. If I go for more advanced loops it gets about 1.1mil

User Info: ProzacStylings

5 years ago#9
My dante kill tho', easy.

Some lulz -> Acid rain reset xx Trololz into Grapple reset ended by level 3.

You all jelly.
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User Info: KajinNinja

5 years ago#10
Off. j.S Joe hits like... 550k maybe 600k if i mash Air joe right at the end and TK the Six machine in the corner... obv meter negative.

Ironman off adf.H with right spacing will hit near 700k going meter negative.

Hawkeye... does Hawkeye damage at like 450k off the cr.L maybe more on slide confirm, oh so meter negative...

and this is why I need to pick better characters...
Perfection hinders progress...
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