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User Info: Blackzero123

4 years ago#41
As for Arthur i give a dash in normal armor,increase the range and hitbox of the rushing lance attack and make that shield repel projectiles. In golden armor increase vitality by 100k, air dash, quad jump, knives act like beam attacks, shield gains armor, and gains scythe throw.

User Info: ProzacStylings

4 years ago#42
KnyghtFall posted...
Brian Kasugano is an amazingly solid player with godlike execution. He played Chun long before her MvC3 iterations.

He just loves the character. Period. That's why he invested so much time in her even though others can do what she does but better (His Ryu and Akuma are also very good)

The fact remains that Chun does very low damage, and has very high execution requirements to get any of that low damage. I'm talking hit for hit, meter for meter.

She can't get a clean hit as easily, convert off throws, her assists aren't very good....

He is the exception, not the rule. He's the best Chun by far. He's also the only one that matters (I know Rowtron plays her, but it's his Sentinel that's the problem.)

No one else cares as much as he does. She will remain low tier and unexplored unless someone finds an exploit that ups her damage and mobility (XFC glitch?)

On Topic: Remove the Gold break knockdown, or give him a way to recharge the meter. Soft knockdown is a good idea. That, or let him tag out before it ends to save himself from death (Frank West drink nonsense)

Everything else is fine. Playing a good Arthur is an exercise in frustration. Giving him a dash/air dash would make him a nightmare with all his other tools.

Uh, no.

Chun has average damage, and a good assist. She also has the best instant overhead in the game(how's firebrands? a little foggy on his, admittedly). Ludthinks is also an amazing Chun player.

The execution arguments, sure, they're valid.

And the whole 10>6 thing, sure. If everyone's using mag, sure, that means Chun is -4, not +6.

But don't spout ignorance.
Quoth the server, "404"
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