X-23 Team Building

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User Info: n0s2004

4 years ago#1
I'm thinking of trying a point X-23. What are some BNBs I should learn for starters. What assist does she benefit from? I'm thinking of an assist to help her get in & apply mix ups, maybe something like Sentinel drones.
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User Info: awesomeuno

4 years ago#2
Missiles & drones

Beam assist
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User Info: Halo Eight

Halo Eight
4 years ago#3

User Info: BlackEnergy11

4 years ago#4
ask godhand he's got a solid x23 but when i used to use her i would put hulk mid anchor sent.... that teams got nasty synergy
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User Info: GyudonKiller

4 years ago#5
X23/RR/Skrull is surprisingly good. If I remember correctly you can hit confirm into over 1mil damage off of log trap for an easy combo.
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User Info: nantomaster

4 years ago#6
I've given up on optimal team builds for X-23 lol. Can't seem to cover everything.

Anyway, I'd like X-23/Sent/Dante myself. TAC infinite with Sent for the meter gain for Silent Kill. Both X-23 and Sent benefit from Jam Session. Drones gets X-23 in(but can lose to beam projectiles.)

There are other options, depending on your playstyle/character preference.
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User Info: sykilik101

4 years ago#7
X-23 works best with an OTG, a lockdown assist (beam or drones or arrows or whatever) for mixups, or Dante (for dat unblockable incoming level 3).

Also, while she CAN do crazy damage, she's built as a reset character, so try to get used to that.
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User Info: n0s2004

4 years ago#8
Whoa Nantomaster from the SF boards! Last person I expected to see here. Any pro players to look out for? I think Tatsu was the only one I recall playing Laura.
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User Info: Karsticles

4 years ago#9
I think subbing her in over Viewtiful Joe on Kusoru's team would be interesting.
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User Info: Chat Noir

Chat Noir
4 years ago#10
Karsticles posted...
I think subbing her in over Viewtiful Joe on Kusoru's team would be interesting.

There's too much synergy between Joe and Frank to remove him IMO. Better THC, More hits on TAC combos, hard tag combos etc. Plus, Joe ability to jump and avoid opening gambits is essential to this team against the likes of Wolverine, Zero or Vergil.

On topic, I think there some interesting synergy between X23, Task and Dante. Both work well with Dante, so X23/Task/Dante provide her an horizontal assist and a AA both easy to combo into. You can switch the order if you need safe DHC, but you can also move X23 to second spot since both Dante and Task (mostly Task) can work with the other assists.

Three issues tho.
It's seem impossible to use Task Arrows to combo after OTG Ankle Slice, so whenever you use Jam Session for a mixup you need to go for a reset. Also, this team lacks a real anchor, so you can't afford getting HBDed. Finally, Dante is the most important character of the team, which isn't really a good thing.

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