X-23 Team Building

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User Info: Lil-Yuri

5 years ago#21
Chat Noir posted...
Karsticles posted...
I think subbing her in over Viewtiful Joe on Kusoru's team would be interesting.

There's too much synergy between Joe and Frank to remove him IMO. Better THC, More hits on TAC combos, hard tag combos etc. Plus, Joe ability to jump and avoid opening gambits is essential to this team against the likes of Wolverine, Zero or Vergil.

On topic, I think there some interesting synergy between X23, Task and Dante. Both work well with Dante, so X23/Task/Dante provide her an horizontal assist and a AA both easy to combo into. You can switch the order if you need safe DHC, but you can also move X23 to second spot since both Dante and Task (mostly Task) can work with the other assists.

Three issues tho.
It's seem impossible to use Task Arrows to combo after OTG Ankle Slice, so whenever you use Jam Session for a mixup you need to go for a reset. Also, this team lacks a real anchor, so you can't afford getting HBDed. Finally, Dante is the most important character of the team, which isn't really a good thing.

You can use Task's arrows to combo off her OTG mid screen, off an air forward throw, in the corner if you dash back first. You can even call Task assist as you're launching them, hit with j.H -> L Talon into the arrows, so you can get a relaunch that way.
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