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User Info: Venator_Lupus

5 years ago#1
So here's a bit of fun.
Thought i'd try being a proper Richard and spam log trap all match along with deadly reach. To my amazement they went so well together. log trap can even work for a tk rocket otg midscreen.

Thing is; RR is one of the few characters I have never properly used. So i'm working on that now, but can't really seem to grasp what he needs since I don't know what I can do properly with him yet.

He seems to be fine with OTG's but srk M uses a ground bounce right? I could preserve that with an OTG assist and that'll also let me use log trap in neutral games and then get an extended combo with that OTG assist.

Wesker was the first that came to mind. and RR has a pretty neat MMH close to the ground that forces a standing block and would set up an unblockable. Plus I could have proper fun with that trap hyper. Oh my.

So, Who would benefit either of these? Aside from wesker, he's my fall guy.
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User Info: Alom_o_mola

5 years ago#2
wesker is good for Nemesis.
but not for raccoon.

you need a lockdown assist for the coon. the coon is an annoying character. he needs to set traps and move around like No tomorrow. the kicking assist just helps him with it.
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User Info: AgnoShrimp

5 years ago#3
I would say Hawkeye. Good DHC with nemesis and good horizontal cover for Rocky.
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User Info: rossguy123

5 years ago#4
Strider. vajra works well with both.
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