Who do you think is the worst professional player?

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User Info: odcrl001

4 years ago#31
Andre -> the cpu training dummy in that video
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User Info: EndingTempest

4 years ago#32
Lol Viscant. Or Marn.
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User Info: NoizyChild

4 years ago#33
Unkn0wn doesn't seem to be worth a damn these days.

Floe always does well during the first month of a new game, gets trashed, and goes into seclusion until the next game comes out.
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User Info: MK9_Prodigy

4 years ago#34
TheMoralessStar posted...
MK9_Prodigy posted...
StrykeBlayde posted...
MK9_Prodigy posted...
Andre isn't the worst. He's actually pretty decent. This is implying one random online match means ANYTHING at all. Please.

He may not be incredible or anything, but Unknown is worse. And there are plenty others worse then him but they aren't as big of a name.

Well I'm mostly exposed to Andre being a fraud on the PJS channels.

online is ass though. Base it on his MMs with CJ or Unknown or something, not PJS.

Same opinion. And I like Unknown, he is a respectable player. Knows his faults and opts to use a cheaper team when he's being outplayed. I respect it.

I'll give you that if you base it on his offline play, but coming in here with an online video from months ago is stupid, to say the very least.

And like Someone else said, Andre at least makes it out of his pools often enough and places. Something a lot of players can't say. He's definitely not even close to "the worst" but as a big name? Yeah, probably one of.

I talked to FChamp and he said it the best:
"Andre isn't bad, but he's a big name with a lot of recognition so when he plays someone like me (champ) or yipes or wong he get's blown up. He's not bad, he's just average".

He told me that in person, after I asked him his opinion on him. He's not bad, just in comparison to other big names, he looks bad.
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User Info: Phara0hMan

4 years ago#35
I'm gonna back the Floe vote. Nothing against him personally, but he's so far off the tournament radar 80% of the time that it boggles the mind that he's sponsored by the same crew that backs Justin and Ricky.
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User Info: Gcyoshi13

4 years ago#36
Time to showboat some achievements! 1st in Socal Regionals 2010 for Tatsunoko vs Capcom!
Placed top 32 at EVO2011 in Marvel vs Capcom 3!

User Info: SaverofHumens

4 years ago#37
Gcyoshi13 posted...

Lol the only professional player worse than you is Fchamp looooooool

User Info: Greivor

4 years ago#38
Zero - Making my day since 11/15/11.

User Info: DarkKirby2500

4 years ago#39
askinywhiteguy posted...
xion1 posted...
Does general scales count?

Who the heck is that?

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