Worst character in the game? Round 2- Hsien-Ko vs Tron

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User Info: SadCubsFan

4 years ago#1
Who is worse? - Results (67 votes)
86.57% (58 votes)
13.43% (9 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Base your vote on who you feel is lower on the tier list and brings less value to a team.

Round 1 (Winner = bold)

Tron vs Nemesis-: 76-57
Shuma vs She Hulk: 32-23
Iron Fist vs Chun-Li: 89-87
Ghost Rider vs Iron Man: 100-10
Phoenix Wright vs Thor: 71-31
Hsien-K0 vs Arthur: 69-5

Round 2

Ghost Rider vs Iron Fist- 66-36
Phoenix Wright vs Shuma: 70-33

User Info: lol_what

4 years ago#2
tron has some pretty situational uses and can be decent with cheap asissts

hsien-ko is ass

User Info: MrMarkPolo

4 years ago#3
Vote is for Hsien-Ko. She has many flaws, and even in the hands of a good player seems to come up short. I feel like she should've had Super Armor that lasted longer than five seconds (8-10?) and it wouldn't have broke the game....just made her more competitive.

Tron is definitely capable of much more.
Currently playing: Resonance of Fate, UMvC3.

User Info: SadCubsFan

4 years ago#4
longer super armor is not really the answer and would honestly be pretty ridiculous lol

if she had it for 10 seconds with 3 levels she could be untouchable for 30 seconds...that would be pretty crazy

User Info: serpentaurus

4 years ago#5
Now playing: UMvC3

User Info: Jinkininki

4 years ago#6
Capcom should have hired me to balance Hsien-Ko instead of having their team do it. I would have made her into a sick character. I wouldn't even have been that hard. All it would take is some imagination.

User Info: smasher61

4 years ago#7
h-ko gives armor assist and it's easy enough to set-up

tron is garbo
LunaEstFrigida on Capcom games: "SF4 = Chess, UMvC3 = Dodgeball, SFxT = Golf"

User Info: Natsume_Tien7

4 years ago#8
It's basically inevitable, Hsien-Ko is going to end up the worst. She is just so bad, at least Shuma has his uses and Phoenix can be good in the right hands and with a bit of luck.
"Don't be single-minded. It will only serve to bind you later on."
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