Worst character in the game? Final round- Phoenix Wright vs GR vs Hsien-Ko

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User Info: jellybeanmaster

4 years ago#71
Wow thats hard but i chose GR even though hes point on my main team (GhostRider/Hsien-ko/Dr.Strange).

Theyr all terribad but as far as hsien-ko goes: super armor Senpu Bu is one hell of an assist. A projectile no mattaer how bad is still a projectile that the other two dont really have at the ready and with meter she can loop her super for major damage. Safe DHC And she can mixup with her dash and air dash so from the jump, base hsien-ko has more going for her than the other two. Even her as lvl3 xfactor anchor, as bad as it is, is a better choice than the other two.

GhostRider has range and simple strong combos but thats it. His only real standout feature is his great ability to protect assist and snap backs and one great assist

As for Lawyer: hes worse than both of them but is 50x better than them and most of the cast in turnabout mode

So overall it has to be ghost rider

User Info: jellybeanmaster

4 years ago#72
Poltergust posted...
Actually, the gong does not have infinite durability. Some projectiles, like Chris' Magnum, will tear right through it.

Anyways, even with the gong, Anki-Hou is a terrible projectile and won't aid Hsien-Ko in keeping people out or beating out other zoners. If I remember correctly, each projectile has only 1 low durability point, which is completely pathetic considering how slow it is and what limited range it has. What exactly is Hsien-Ko supposed to do against people who are zoning in the top corners of the screen? At least Wright has Cell Phone.

I also don't like the double standard you're employing with saying that Hsien-Ko's zoning is greatly augmented with assists. Guess what? Wright's is too. Go figure.

With magnum its very iffy. Sometimes it reflects sometimes it doesnt. The only projectile gong doesnt reflect at all is storm's typhoon. It sometimes fails to nullify gamma wave too but ive tested gong against every projectile (even flame of the faltines with varying gates) and it reflects/nullifies all.

Side note: Eyeballs of heavy mystic stare can get through becuz of it speed and rotation

User Info: Poltergust

4 years ago#73
serpentaurus posted...
Tenrai ha is overhead, so if you XF after a Tenrai ha and hit low its unblockable. If you use Tenrai ha then DHC to other character (like Doom sphere flame for example) you can hit low and get an unblockable

Actually, from what I can tell only the first anvil hit is overhead. The rest of the spiked balls hit can be blocked either way. Can someone confirm this?

Even if hsienko hypers are not that great, she has access to them from start

You're making switching to Trial Mode seem a lot more harder than it is. You know that you can cancel the switch into Order in the Court, right? With good timing, it's possible to buffer the Mode Change during a super-flash, then do a QCB motion to do Order in the Court.

When Hsienko is lucky she gets a hitconfirm from fullscreen distance; When Wright "gets lucky" he get a piece of worthless ****

Evidence projectiles are worthless how? You seriously can't tell me that the Cell Phone and Knife are bad projectiles. All of the other projectiles have their own useful purposes as well.

If she has XF, every touch can turn into a TOD

So can Wright. Go figure!

gongs protect amazingly some assists like hidden missiles and are spammable

And Maya's shield, the Cell Phone, the Knife, and the Folder do the same, and the last three are also spammable and cover more distance. The Folder can even nullify any projectile it touches (the Cell Phone can also do this to a lesser extent).

Honestly, you keep going on about how people are misunderstanding Hsien-Ko. That's fine and all, but how do you think us Wright players feel when you keep putting out false information like that? Maybe you should follow your own advice and stop assuming things about Wright when you clearly have no idea about the character. You're better than this.
I find sports video games to be the ultimate in irony and redundancy.-Kahai

User Info: Lord_Kagato

4 years ago#74
Poltergust posted...
So can Wright. Go figure!

He's got one even without X-factor. Turnabout Wright kills off anyone after landing a single hit... by himself.
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User Info: Herr_Edgeworth

4 years ago#75
He's got one even without X-factor. Turnabout Wright kills off anyone after landing a single hit... by himself.

I think Polter was talking about the TODs he has access to in XF, even if he's in Trial Mode.
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