Since the world's gonna end tomorrow, let's confess our deepest darkest secrets.

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  3. Since the world's gonna end tomorrow, let's confess our deepest darkest secrets.

User Info: DreamSword

5 years ago#131
NoizyChild posted...
Teritoclone posted...
I have spent over $400 on a freemium game in less than a year...

Dungeon Fighter Online?

DFO is awesome. I still need to pick up the newest Event Avatars they've released for my Female Grappler.
Kelloggs vs Capcom: "There is no spoon."
UMvC3 Dream Team:

User Info: polishenigma

5 years ago#132
My deepest darkest secret-

I can't use Doom missles for sh*t, I prefer plasma beam in every situation.
When's MAHVEL!?!

User Info: lol_what

5 years ago#133
dfo owns, it's the best korean rpg-themed grinding simulator

- it only slightly restricts people that dont wanna spend money

- it's not an impossible grind (anymore)

- it has fun as **** gameplay that's like a mix between dibalo and the old capcom d&d games so you actually enjoy playing it and grinding

- dat multiplayer

- runs on a rusty tin can that has a hole in the bottom and is also moudly

- hilariously dumb plot, like how the mage class is from new york because the earth got ruined or something and now all humans are tiny anime kids that know magic and then they went to generic adventureland to get help fixing it

User Info: askinywhiteguy

5 years ago#134
I'm Kira.
-I will always, ALWAYS, main Felicia. DEAL WITH IT!-
"The pleasure of a dream, is that its a fantasy. If it happens, it was never a dream." - FMA

User Info: flaminghotcakes

5 years ago#135
I still play runescape.

User Info: roadtosalvation

5 years ago#136
Geomagnus posted...
roadtosalvation posted...
Geomagnus posted...
I hate every human who has ever walked into the doors of the Walmart within which I am employed, save for those who have actually bothered to put their carts where they belong in an orderly manner and replied to my attempts at being kind.

Oh dude, I know how you feel! Totally been there. In fact I still am.

I've only been a cart pusher for about 8 months now, but I swear, if I see one more person put a cart literally a few inches away from the corral and just leave it there, I might snap.

I don't think there is another job other than cart pusher where you can actually see how lazy people are. It's really sad...

User Info: Phara0hMan

5 years ago#137
If it makes you feel any better, you guys aren't the only one it pisses of. I usually put up any carts left near where I park and cuss whoever left it under my breath. There's really no excuse for it other than total laziness.
NP: Skyrim, Civ 5, UMvC3
UMvC3: Hawkeye or Wesker/ Doom/ Strider

User Info: MMX377

5 years ago#138
askinywhiteguy posted...
I'm Kira.

You're... Light?!? You wrote Death Note to kill people by true name?!? Why?!? WHY!?!?!
"Get up!! Show me your true power!" Ryu's victory in SF3

User Info: KappaMonster

5 years ago#139
NoizyChild posted...
From: RagingRicans | Posted: 12/21/2012 12:02:36 AM | #301
I think Noizy Child is more annoying then all the Trolls he fights.

For NoizyChild:

Have A Nice Apocalypse Everyone!
"putting "Shoryuken/SRK" on your user name makes you better at fighting games. oh wait, no it doesn't." -ER.MCZ Tatsu

User Info: AegisIkana

5 years ago#140
I have this thing for girls with braces. It's almost an instacrush if they have them, granted they aren't just really fat or unappealing in the first place.

I also have massive guilt over the ADD I have for characters and posting too much.
PSN: TheVeldt;; Viper/Morrigan/??? || Official 8 Bit Vega Boss of all Gamefaqs.
I think I'm going to need a get-me-off assist. ;)
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  3. Since the world's gonna end tomorrow, let's confess our deepest darkest secrets.

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