Characters you hate personally (no gameplay talk!)

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User Info: DuuuDe14

4 years ago#31
Nobody really. Just Dino
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User Info: FireflyV_ONE

4 years ago#32
Doom is the best character in the game.
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User Info: supersmashbrosf

4 years ago#33
DuuuDe14 posted...
Nobody really. Just Dino
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User Info: smasher61

4 years ago#34
she hulk
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Tron, Hawkeye, Nova, Felicia
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User Info: wariude

4 years ago#36

Just... Trish.
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User Info: Marozi

4 years ago#37
Wesker, Hawkeye, Vergil, Doom, Spencer (unless it's DLC Spencer).
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User Info: BlackEnergy11

4 years ago#38
personality wise? mmm ........ Frank West is pretty annoying.
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User Info: MegamanRockX2

4 years ago#39
xion1 posted...
MegamanrockX2 I hate everything about you.

thanks pal
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User Info: Omegacrisis

4 years ago#40
From: BlackEnergy11 | #068
personality wise? mmm ........ Frank West is pretty annoying.

i also dont like hawkeye just never have but his recent solo series looks cool
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