Fchamp confirmed umvc3 update

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User Info: soggytoast11

4 years ago#111
Scrubs crying about nerfs because their precious flowcharts get torn to shreds. What else is new.

User Info: Lord_Shadow_19

4 years ago#112
Thunder097 posted...
Come on! Vergil?! I understand that but DOOM?! I hope they do not touch his hidden missiles I'm gonna flip tables!

God forbid, you might have to develop some skill, OMG!!!!
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User Info: djprofessork1

4 years ago#113
Morrigan doesn't need nerfs. Are you guys forgetting it's HIDDEN MISSLES that makes morrigan so good, she's not top tier without missiles.

And lets be honest: IF morrigan was nerfed would it improve your gameplay? no, because you're not playing against Chris G. i play online a LOT, and ive never ran into a good morrigan. They all fail their flight cancels and die because she's really hard to play.

And if you say "I want morrigan nerfed because I'm tired of Chris G winning everything" That's just stupid. Someone needs to rise up and stop him. That's like wishing for a Basketball team's star players to get injured so that your team can beat them. It's not a real win.

Nerfing in general is bad for the game in the long term, it's a band-aid fix to make dumbasses happy, but pretty soon they will just cry about the next thing they're losing to. like the Sentinel nerf, that was clearly not needed.

instead they should just buff weak characters.

User Info: Platypus_7

4 years ago#114
SGleader1 posted...
Poltergust posted...
Well, for Zero, I could think of two (only one should happen, though):

-More recovery on Buster.
-Zero cannot charge Buster during super-flashes.

This way, Zero would still have crazy mix-ups, but his combos are harder to perform and he's a bit more assist dependent.

I can see the first one being viable but the second one is dumb. If that was the case EVERYONE should have that nerf, and that would ruin the pacing of some characters along with Zero not being able to do lightning loops. Making a character more assist dependent is a terrible design choice.

Also to the person that listed all of Zero's strengths? That's cute, but I said if you don't cover them correctly. His normals have great priority but his teleports and lightning dashes can be grabbed out of pretty damn easily.

I do however agree with you about everyone jumping on the Zero bandwagon. It irritates me alot especially since I'm pretty loyal to the character. I feel like he's got the potential to be nerfed because people flock to him instead of sticking to their own play styles. But just because you struggle fighting against him doeIsn't justify the almost extreme hatred. Just saying.

I will admit I am a bit biased, extreme hatred is an overshot though.

I beat bad - good zeros all the time... But really good ones with sick confirms into TOD into incoming mixups just make me want to put down my controller and eat a sandwich....

But I don't think I'm the only one who has trouble against him. I can say pretty comfortably that Zero dominates a lot of local scenes and online. Which = most of the people who are fans of this game.
Which = most of capcom's customers for this game... How does that not make Zero deserve a nerf?

@ Ricans:

When I had to completely relearn Iron Man, I was furious... So I know what you mean. But if Tony ended up being so broken and gimmicky to the point where everyone wanted to use him, even people who hated him, and make endless topics about his tournament results I'd be righteously pissed.

Personally, I don't see why they had to buff Zero at ALL from vanilla.

I know it would piss a lot of Zero players off, but the buster canceling both ways into and out of moves is simply OP.... It's the only reason why he's broken IMO.

I'd say Capcom has to pick one.

User Info: PinkPikachu

4 years ago#115
Killarock404 posted...
He's trolling folks. A marvel rep said 2 days ago that there was nothing in the works.

PSN: Tron_Carter

User Info: GyudonKiller

4 years ago#116
What they need to do is to buff underused, mid to low tier characters. Stop nerfing things.
UMvC3:Dormammu/Skrull/Doom, SSFIVAE:Chun/Cody, SG:Cerebella, P4A:Chie

User Info: NtoInfinity

4 years ago#117
That's like wishing for a Basketball team's star players to get injured so that your team can beat them. It's not a real win.

People do this.

User Info: SolidAbyss

4 years ago#118
The amount of butthurt is strong in this thread.

We're sorry your character is getting nerfed, if this is true, then deal with it. Just like how we have to deal with you playing those characters. My beautiful vanilla dante got nerfed on ultimate, and I still play him because I love devil may cry.

The amount of butthurt over nerfs on top tier characters people likely use are strong in here.
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User Info: ProzacStylings

4 years ago#119
KnyghtFall posted...
felica posted...
Im all for nerfs. Lol at anyone saying "leave zero and vergil alone" Lmao.

Leave Doom and his hidden missiles alone please. It's not the end all be all. If they get changed so they disappear on hit, they are useless.

So why should Missiles continue to be out if hit yet Drones doesn't when Sentinel don't only has less health but also a bigger hurtbox??? Pleas explain that.

Drones are immediately active. Right in your face. If they didn't disappear after Sentinel gets hit, they'd be a broken "get off me" assist. Landing a hit on their point or both wouldn't matter. The drones would interrupt your assault.

If the drones didn't disappear if he was on point either, we'd have a very strong character on our hands. His bombs are good because they are a nuisance that must be dealt with once called. If his regular drones did that, Sentinel would stomp any ground based melee character in the game. He'd be a lot stronger with that change alone, and his assist would be god tier easily.

Now, missiles must launch, turn, then fall. They are not an immediate threat in nearly all cases. Doom is also standing there for 50 marvel years while they are launching.

Landing a hit while he is out would result in them disappearing. You have all day to do this compared to drones (again, immediately in your face)

Do you understand my point?

Drones take 81 frames to be active. That's bottom-far-corner active, not in-your-face active.

Something like Cart is ~29 frames.

Try again.
Quoth the server, "404"

User Info: Alom_o_mola

4 years ago#120
I'd like RR to be buffed

more damage or more speed
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