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User Info: Skyrazer

4 years ago#461
pwned3x posted...
Maybe now Champ will finally drop Phoenix

I hope so. I've been saying for ages (and likely just about everyone else) he should drop Phoenix. For god's sake, he wins Evo with his Dorm team, but he still insists on using Phoenix which has lost him how many tournies now?

I don't get the logic.
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User Info: ProzacStylings

4 years ago#462
Dat sM xx M Roundhouse confirm, guy knows his frank. Bee should take notes, son. :>
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User Info: Kanokare

4 years ago#463
DA PADDUL! Man this Frank...
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User Info: RedHaste

4 years ago#464
reyray0709 posted...
Ricky Ortiz @HelloKittyRicky

UMVC3 where the dream of becoming a top player becomes a reality. #BestGame

FGTV is filled with a bunch of sore losers. >_>

It's only for a season.
Seasoned vets in the FGC play a plethora of games and will always be seen.
Although Marvel WILL be around for a while...all you have to do is beat a known player deep in the brackets and you're revered.
You haven't played an RPG until you've played EarthBound

User Info: catkiller904

4 years ago#465
Not enough cart hyper
TP~We do it for the lulz R.I.P J.R.M
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User Info: Aceinu

4 years ago#466
Should have done another Shopping cart super, woulda killed Doom and Morrigan.
Shikamaru lover all day err' day

User Info: Turlast

4 years ago#467
Nice showing from Apologyman. Was pretty excited after the first win, but hey.
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User Info: DarkNight11

4 years ago#468

Good stuff anyway Apologyman. Def the player of the night.
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Bahamut knight zero 4 years ago#469
Have to give props to Apology Man, repping Game Center well (local arcade near where I live)
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User Info: reyray0709

4 years ago#470
If Marlin beats Rog, he and ChrisG may split the pot lol.

East coast in the top 3 at a west coast major.
Umvc3 Teams: Zero, Vergil, Wesker - Nova, RR, Strider - Hawkeye, Morrigan, Doom - 3rd strike: Yun & Yang
PSN and GT: reyray0709.
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