What's your current main team and why?

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User Info: SadCubsFan

4 years ago#1
If you're like me, you change your teams way too much...

For now I'm running on nova, frank, vergil

As for why I run it, franks assist is great on both, both nova and vergil can get frank to level 4. Rapid slash helps with novas zoning and frank to an extent. It's also a good assist for incoming mixups. Novas assist is a great unblockable for vergil and it lets him combo off of helm breaker. If frank falls, I still have anchor vergil to try and clean up. Franks THC combos are extremely good, too

I used to run hawkeye on this team, but I feel the potential for frank was a lot higher

Some bad things about this team is that i don't have a good full screen assist and that rapid slash and novas assist is not the most ideal for a leveled up frank. They can also snap in vergil and leave me with anchor level 1 frank

User Info: Benify

4 years ago#2
Deadpool Zero Sentinel because I like them.
GT: Deadpool2020
9th Guard for life <3

User Info: Old_Sod

4 years ago#3
Spencer / Vergil / Hawkeye

Run it because all 3 are fun, and the team does good damage and is versatile. Run Wesker / Doom / Strider when up against drones or missiles just for the Beam assist support and because I want a team with Doom, honestly.

Also toying with Cap / Doom / Vergil & Hawkeye / Dante / Magneto...although I'm not sold on Mags anchor over Strider or Akuma for that last one.
Playing: TF2 (PC), UMvC3 (XBL), Dota 2 (PC)
GT/Steam: Fugawhuz | BT: Fugawhuz#1992

User Info: AegisIkana

4 years ago#4
Team Darkstalkers, because I grinded out a decent Morrigan, Felicia is secret Wolvie Tier, and Hsien Ko assist makes both of them rip out your hair, cry your eyes out difficult to fight.
PSN: TheVeldt;; Hsien Ko/Morrigan/Felicia; Morrigan/Doom/Dorm
Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.

User Info: SolidAbyss

4 years ago#5

Nova does his job, get in and level up the main dish, frank west. That and he's a good rushdown character.

Huge fan of dead rising, I love me some frank west. His chainsaws are a huge help too. So many tools, so many damage, and so damn good.

Dante is here to help out frank, but he is a amazing anchor and I love me some devil may cry.
PSN: SolidAbyss
3ds friend code: 1204-0001-5868


4 years ago#6
Captain America

Cap does tons of damage and has good health as a point character.

He can deal well with both rushdown characters and zoners

Dark Hole and either beam or missiles helps Cap get in, create mixups, and combo extenders.

Dorm/Doom ... you seen F Champ use this shell ... I don't think I need to explain how good it is.

Plus I find them a ton of fun to use since you have to actually think and not just dash in L berserker slash which is not my style.
PSN & Live: Loadedklip
Infinity Ward ... even the current version >>>>>>>>> Treyarch

User Info: Lord_Shadow_19

4 years ago#7

Chris - loyal to him through and through.

Wesker - because I have no executional skill whatsoever and suck with characters I should use with Chris and Wesker is easy.

Sentinel - his assist is good for Chris and I can derp a bit with him and make comebacks with him on anchor.

Ideally I would like to have Doom (beam) and Strider. Or maybe Doom(missiles) and Akuma (or Vergil cuz he's op). Maybe if I actually put some effort into getting combos down or something.
Playing UMvC3, Far Cry 3, Black Ops 2. PSN: Entropy19

User Info: giraffe_boy

4 years ago#8
Nova, Hulk, Taskmaster - because they're pretty much the only characters I know...

Still, Taskmaster helps Nova get in, Hulk helps him get away and is good for DHCs, and Taskmaster's jack-of-all-trades-ness makes him a decent anchor, so as a team it works OK.

User Info: DreamSword

4 years ago#9
Phoenix Wright/Spider-Man/Doom

Nick and Spidey because they're my two favorites characters, with Doom because he supports both a wonderful amount.
Kelloggs vs Capcom: "There is no spoon."
UMvC3 Dream Team: http://i.imgur.com/9tgWm.jpg

User Info: deltamirage

4 years ago#10

Spider Man - Because he's my favorite Marvel character and Ive always played him in EVERY fighting game he's in. I don't have any fun playing this game unless I'm ether playing Spider-Man or Wesker (my 2 favorite characters)

Dorm - Second spot on this team ALWAYS changes. Run Dorm right now just because of DHC and Hard tag synergy

Doom - Need Hidden Missiles for optimized Spider-Man combos IMO, and to keep people from Super Jumping all day. Other than that I don't really like the character all the much.
UMVC3 Team - Spider-Man/Dorm/Doom
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