Hottest girl in this game?

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User Info: motts2roc

4 years ago#21
second announcers voice hands down.
"its 3 on 2 now!" gets me everytime.

marrow in mvc2 is the only female fighter to ever give me a bone.
Jin......Master of the Saotome Typhoon

User Info: FireflyV_ONE

4 years ago#22
Haigicotsu posted...
Ammy's a sun goddess.

Phoenix's fire is universal.
PSN: Alaster_Angelo

User Info: crondizzle

4 years ago#23
Darksteel posted...
Zero's a pretty cute chick

Zero has nice boobs

User Info: Manoeri

4 years ago#24
I miss being a kid and thinking Zero was Roll :(

anyway Morrigan and Felicia obviously

User Info: Emperor_Zerg

4 years ago#25
Trish because she looks like my Mom
UMvC3: Trish/ Dante/ Wesker, AE2012: Chun Li/ Yang
"For every second guess, I never gave a second look" - SOJA

User Info: HiHiDerp

4 years ago#26
Where is Maya Fey <3
10/10 would bang.
Trish is also hot. Creditss to Jill and Phoenix

User Info: supersmashbrosf

4 years ago#27

User Info: xion1

4 years ago#28
My sexy kitty Felicia ^_^
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