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User Info: Evilkings

4 years ago#11
didn't i make this b4 :(
PSN cedman19

User Info: MK9_Prodigy

4 years ago#12
g6260 posted...
There's a guy named _WORST PLAYER_ who I run into on XBL player matches all the time, he's not that bad actually.

lol this guy!
PSN&XBL: JDM6413 Playing: UMVC3, PSASBR Zero/Taskmaster/Vergil PSA:Dante, Sir Daniel

User Info: SadCubsFan

4 years ago#13
Evilkings posted...
didn't i make this b4 :(

this gets made about once a month

User Info: ProzacIsBack

4 years ago#14

Prozac is a dick.
But he's a great player. He's like the Kanye West of GameFAQs, if Kanye had talent.

User Info: keybladesora247

4 years ago#15
Zanmato555 posted...

On a serious note, Rivalsouls

But you just played me today and saw how terrible I've gotten with my time away.

Can't even confirm a bold cancel combo right anymore. D:
Official Hubert Ozwell of the Tales of Graces F Board
PSN: VenTheGale

User Info: rossguy123

4 years ago#16
I am, because everyone think of Shuma as a weakling, and since I'm using a weak character, that makes me weak. >_>
Shuma, Raccoon/MODOK, Strider//// Shuma, Firebrand, Sentinel

User Info: RoccoRed

4 years ago#17
DreamSword posted...

Dream please... Everyone knows I am the worst.
Xbox: KeroTenu
PSN: Omagiri_Dragon

User Info: tjmr15

4 years ago#18
why does koga get no love lol.
PSN : XxGodHandxX
* shield skillz > just like cap >*herp derp * mighty swing * herp derp* mighty swing - your in for a word of derpp *

User Info: Squekyduckquack

4 years ago#19
You're all mistaken, I am the worst player here
GT: xBroviet Russia
UMVC3 Teams: A: Nova / Frank West / Vergil B:Nova / Spencer / Doctor Strange C: Phoenix Wright / Dante / Vergil

User Info: Strider Hien

Strider Hien
4 years ago#20
Come on,guys...I'm definitely the worst here.
Still mastering my second team since release and it's been officially a month and half since I played.

I'm currently cannon fodder to 7th and 8th Lords.....V_V

*sigh* Growing up is BS...
Defender of Justice.Destroyer of Evil.Eternal Goody 2 shoes and friendly rival to everyone I encounter.PSN:DJSTRIDER
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