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User Info: tinyjotun

4 years ago#21
I am the worst player.

Need proof?

I use Morrigan to try to keep you away, and still I get stomped.

User Info: koga_wolf_demon

4 years ago#22
tjmr15 posted...
why does koga get no love lol.

It's because I play Hawkeye with two other top tier characters Kappa
Official Zero of the UMvC3 boards. PSN: ichikoga
UMvC3: Zero/Vergil/Hawkeye, Anarchy Reigns: Leo, Fei Rin

User Info: WiNdDeMoN150

4 years ago#23
No, you're all wrong. I have to be the worst here, I'm using the worst character in the game!
The official Ghost Rider of the UMvC3 board by default.
The darkness in your soul disgusts me.

User Info: heavenmage

4 years ago#24
Me. Mainly because:

- My main team is Hsien-Ko/Tron/Chun
- My alternate team is Hsien-Ko/Wright/Chun
- Both of these teams are free to anything that has a projectile or flight.
PSN: superucahdo
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