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User Info: MasterD3d

4 years ago#1
I have a SFTE madcatz stick. It's nice but the problem is the square gate. The stick I had before this was a madcatz non TE but it was modded with sanwa buttons and an octagon gate but that one broke. The stupid square gate on the TE makes me miss my diagonals leading to multiple execution errors. Does anyone else have this problem??
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User Info: CuriousTrout

4 years ago#2
IMO, Square > Octagon any time of the day.
GT: CuriousTrout

User Info: MasterD3d

4 years ago#3
Why do you say that lol
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Twitter: @Firaga87

User Info: xLysergic

4 years ago#4
It really is up to personal preference. MOST people prefer squares.

However some live by the octagon [like myself]. I just like being able to have a dedicated Up, Down, Left, and Right when performing motions. It really helps me out with blocking too because I KNOW if I'm holding back or down/back.

Like I said, it's all preference.
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User Info: KajinNinja

4 years ago#5
When it comes to playing Marvel or SF I will love the square gate considering the execution isnt heavy so I can do sloppy SRKs and half motions for fireballs.

Games like KoF13, I wish I could just swap gates to an octo, i like the feel of hitting all the corners for when I do DM's and NeoMaxes, feels more complete.
Perfection hinders progress...
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User Info: dehsoo

4 years ago#6
lol @ not having a triangle gate.

wtf am i in narnia
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