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User Info: nacho9211

4 years ago#1
My main team since Umvc3's release has been Frank/Nemesis/Wesker. Now, i've never been a pro at this game, but i don't really suck either. I can't pull off those devastating 50+ combos with one character or all three for that matter. No matter how much i practice I can't seem to get better. So, I any tips on how i can I better myself with my team like any assist segestions or I don't know, whatever you guys can help me with. Also, I am unfamiliar with bnb and otg and such terms, I've seen them around here before so if you can help me out with that too thanks!
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User Info: Y-I-K-E-S

4 years ago#2
Pick some more execution demanding characters like Mags, storm, doom, joe. The team your are using is just too easy too make your execution better. Learn grav loops or somethin that wont do first try or in 5 mins

User Info: Old_Sod

4 years ago#3
The first point for your team would be to not have Frank West 1st. He does much better 2nd or 3rd, depending on your team make up and how you intend on leveling him up.
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