Frank's anti air Super. To rotate or not to rotate?

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  3. Frank's anti air Super. To rotate or not to rotate?

User Info: K-dizzle

4 years ago#1
I see some people rotate the stick for more hits and damage, but i also see others who don't.

I heard a while back it scales the follow up combo but just wanted to come back and make sure after seeing apologyman use it at SCR. (he mashed er... rotated it by the way)

also, what is the optimized follow up combo?

my team is Nova(rush)/Frank/Doom(beam)

User Info: SolidAbyss

4 years ago#2
Rotate if you just want to kill

Don't rotate if you have to follow up your combo.
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User Info: king0091

4 years ago#3
Don't rotate if you do it for damage. The extra hits significantly scale your combo.

Rotate if you want the extra hits to level up frank.

User Info: ProzacIsBack

4 years ago#4
Not to rotate. It does 8 hits without rotating and like 18 if you do? Frank's damage scaling caps at around ~12-15 hits if I recall, and the scaling difference on those 4-7 not-fully-scaled frank hits does more damage than rotating on the hyper. So, unless you don't plan to follow the hyper up with a standard combo, don't rotate.

For a followup, I'm gonna guess at how your assists might be used, and recommend a couple of L4 options. Both will work if you're back is to the corner, which often happens with good FFC resets;

1) FFC, H Tools OTG, sMHS, jMMHS, call nova and roll past them to put them closer to the corner, picture, nova hits, sS, jMMHS, call doom and Ground H Tools OTG(Doom stops them from rolling out) xx Tools Hyper. 8-900k, builds the bar for the hyper, simple and effective.

more optimal if it works,
2) FFC, H Tools, dash under if your back is to the corner, sMHS, jMMHS(ends in corner), jump + call doom, j.H Tools + Beam OTG, sHS, jMMHS, jump + call nova, j.H Tools + Nova OTG, s.M Tools, s.M Tools xx Tools Hyper

Frank will always do more damage if you can end it in a M Tools / L Tools xx Hyper; they do massive damage. Best way to do that is to save the groundbounce and end in j.H Tools > L Zombie Toss > M Tools > M/L Tools xx Hyper, but it's difficult to do that with FFC as you usually have to start with a groundbounce.

Another good ender is jMMHS, relaunch, jMMH j.M Tools, land, sS, jS, kneedrop-land, picture xx Hyper. But the jH -> M Tools won't work late-ish in the combo, so it works best with slow assists used to do sS, jS, jH Tools, sS, jS. Like drones.

The basic FFC BnB is just H tools, mhs, jMMHS, assist relaunch, jMMHS hyper, though.
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  3. Frank's anti air Super. To rotate or not to rotate?

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