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User Info: AegisIkana

4 years ago#1
I use Hsien Ko/Morrigan/Felicia for a Darkstalkers theme team, and it works pretty well to a point. The only issue is they all have lowish damage and Hsien Ko as anchor is ass. I'm considering replacing Lei Lei with Ammy. Does Cold Star assist help Morrigan or Felicia any? Or should I stick with Golden Senpu Bu?
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User Info: Starkangaroo

4 years ago#2
The Cold Star assist works better in my opinion.
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User Info: DreamSword

4 years ago#3
If you wanna stick with this team, Hsien-ko should never be your anchor. That's Felicia's' job.
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User Info: crondizzle

4 years ago#4
i just put on gold armor hsien ko, then tag in either morrigan or felicia, they both are good anchors.

User Info: lol_what

4 years ago#5
If I had to use this team, I'd go one of two ways

H-ko (pendulum)/felicia (low or OTG based on matchup)/morrigan

The theory to this team is to constantly mash on morrigan assist so you can always be in power up mode and make up for your lack of a good neutral assist. The felicia assist depends on who your generally fighting. Pendalum + assist into unblockable is A Thing but if your against someone that loves being in the air all the time dont bother, might as well use the OTG to eeke out more damage from h-ko. anchor morrigan is decent enough. She actually has damage now and it they've already used x-factor they're kinda ****ed against chip damage.

H-ko (pendulum)/morrigan/felicia (low or otg based on matchup)

This is the "morrigan is the best part of this team, lets hope she can carry us" team. Stall and build meter to DHC in morrigan and go to town. Gold h-ko to get people off you while you throw fireballs, and then either low for unblockables with shell kick (since morrigan only starts offense with an air attack) or the OTG to extend combos (would soul drain work off this assist? soul drain into astral vision seems like a solid way to end combos). Felicia is secretly rly rly dumb in x-factor 3, turn it on and hit buttons.

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