Thanks capcom for killing

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User Info: ZeroX07

4 years ago#1
Umvc3 on gamefaqs. Thanks. Unless these greedy mofos bring new dlc this game will become street fighter x tekken!

User Info: TheSteelPhoenix

4 years ago#2
If you put in a lot of work, you're going to have an advantage over those that don't.

User Info: Darksteel

4 years ago#3
I blame terrorists
Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general -Mark Rippetoe

User Info: demonofsparta

4 years ago#4
i blame the schools
PSN: demonofsparta. SSF4AE--Oni. JJBAHD--Dio Brando. UMvC3 team--Haggar-FF3, Hulk-Green King, Akuma-.Cyber Akuma
white2 FC 3526-0179-9641

User Info: ZeroX07

4 years ago#5
Yeah. I blame Obama. Lol.

The game is in decline, sadly this message board will no longer be on the top ten. That is what i meant by writing this topic.

User Info: Mista_Klutch

4 years ago#6
No child left behind got damn it.
M |_| S I C < ==> L | F E
"Klutch, you're an *******." - iSomeAssault

User Info: scaler24

4 years ago#7
The miracle never happen.
Also known as Herr_Edgeworth
PSN: Scaler24 UMvC3 Teams: and

User Info: SONIC_305

4 years ago#8
I blame the obama administration.
Japan PSN: Sonikku305 US PSN: KlonoaxGuntz
Games Playing: Virtue's Last Reward, BBCS:EX, UMVC3, KOF XIII

User Info: dawnset

4 years ago#9
"My plan for world domination has faild"
It is time to unleash the Wrightness
HG Friend code: 4211 6295 5027 Kagome. PSN: HeroFangGhetz

User Info: reyray0709

4 years ago#10
The hell?
Umvc3 Teams: Zero, Vergil, Wesker - Nova, RR, Strider - Hawkeye, Morrigan, Doom - 3rd strike: Yun & Yang
PSN and GT: reyray0709.
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